• 11:35

    Cross Country on a Sportster Trip: WI to TN

    Milwaukee to Maryville Coming out of Milwaukee and headed toward Maryville Tennessee I knew it was going to be challenging going through Chicago and Gary before linking up with Interstate 65 South to get to Lafayette Indiana for the night. Last time I was here I was not going cross country on a Sportster but…

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  • 18:58

    Sportster Cross Country Trip: MN to the Home of Harley-Davidson

    The entire trip of riding my Sportster cross country was spawned from a few desires. 1. I’m always looking for ways to show that Sportsters are not just “bar hoppers.” 2. I wanted to ride my bike on the Tail of the Dragon. 3. I have always wanted to “Take My Harley Home” riding it…

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  • Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

    Sportster Rear Belt Removal & Replacement

    When my dad said he was taking out his belt, we would run for the hills. When Bob and Mark say it, all come near and watch. In this 95-minute video, they show us how to remove and replace the rear belt on the Harley-Davidson Sportster. The final belt can last a long time, mileage…

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  • Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    Harley Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    For the first time since 2004 Mark speaks. If you have been with us over the years, you would have noticed a sort of Penn & Teller thing going on with Bob & Mark. Mark breaks his silence to give us his Harley motorcycle detailing tips and tricks. Here are some more videos on Keeping…

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