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Battery Question for High Compression

How do I check the to see if the correct AMP amount is be sent to starter. 1. How does an owner check that? 2. Does the battery of a Harley with a 1450ci engine and one with a 1650ci engine with high compression require the same crank amp battery? Via Email Harley batteries last…

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Shhh – How do I Install a Quiet Exhaust

I want quiet mufflers. I want my hog to sound like a gold wing by Honda. Can it be done? I’m waiting to hear back from my harley dealer but I’m not holding my breath. Via Email Nothing is more quiet than the stock exhaust system that was made for your year/make & model. It’s…

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When to Change the Fuel Filter

I have been following a maintenance schedule for what is apparently an older bike, and it says to change the fuel filter every 25,000 miles. However, when I looked at the schedule for a 2013 Touring bike, it says to change the fuel filter every 100,000 miles. Which is it? Via Email Thank you for…

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Brake Pin Removal

1.) How do you remove the brake pin with swing arm in the way? There is no way to get a socket on that pin. 2.) With the caliper on the rotor-How can the pistons be pushed back into the body?-you would need to force a piece of metal between the rotor and the brake…

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Exhaust Vibration

I installed monster ovals on in 2015 ultra limited and I have a little vibration in the right foot board now for some reason that I did not have before. Please send me all information that you have on this. Via Email Inspect beneath your right side floorboard. You may need to space down the…

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It Was in the Barn, Now What?

I bought a 2013 FLS with 230 miles a month ago. It had been sitting in a barn for two plus years before being traded to a friend of mine for another bike. When I bought the bike, the lights were all working, but I noticed a couple days later that the rear taillight (directional/break…

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How Do I Install New Fork Seals

How do I remove the front fork tube and seals and replace them with new ones? Thank you in advance. Via Email In the related videos below you’ll see how we go about assembling Dyna Wide Glide fork tubes. We use HHI fork tubes, lower legs, springs, and caps. Some parts will look a little…

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Darkened Exhaust Pipe – Why?

I have installed cobra 3″ slipons, vance and hines vo2 naked air breather kit, and the FP3 from Vance and Hines. I did this to help richen the fuel and cool down the engine a little as they are super lean stock. I noticed before doing any of this that the pipe from the front…

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