Harley Davidson Headlight Flasher Unit

QuestionI have a 2000 FLHTCUI and I added the Harley headlamp flasher unit to my system for that added daylight visibility. Ever since then I have been having Harley Davidson headlight problems with the fuse. I have been blowing them about every 2 -4 weeks of use if I have the spots on. When I leave the spots off there is not a problem. I have thought about putting a 20 amp fuse on to see if that will take care of it but I worry that I could have a more serious problem develop because of that. The interesting part is that the fuse has only blown when it is dark out and not during the day. I have also added turn signal accents that mount to the fairing but I have not had a problem with those. What else can I check? Thank you, Virgil

Answer Virgil, Was this Harley Davidson headlight flasher unit designed for your make and model bike? Was it plug and play? There should be specifications in the instructions that will tell you how much this flasher will draw. You either have a dead short, or you are over loading this 15 amp fuse. Check your headlight plug. Verify that your connections are secure and that the plug has not melted. If you are overloading the circuit, you need to feed the headlight from another fuse that is not as “full”. Or, if you are knowledgeable of DC voltage, you can find the correct feed wire and isolate it with it’s own fuse.

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13 Responses to “Harley Davidson Headlight Flasher Unit”
  1. TJ

    On the headlight flasher unit,he needs to make sure the connection is good and that he has put dielectric grease on the connection.It may be that resistance has build up in the connection,and it isn’t at it’s best which will cause the fuse to blow and or the connection to melt.I know this because I had this happen to me on my ’97’ sporty.

  2. Eric

    Before you discard the fuse, look at it closely to see if it’s blown (silver dot exploded) or if the element is crystalline looking and “melted apart”. Silver dot
    indicates sudden amperage surge, such as an iltermittent short to ground.
    Melted indicates slightly excessive amperage draw such as from too many loads on a circuit.
    Hope that helps, Eric

  3. Jack M
    Jack M

    Leave your headlight alone and change your spotlights to led amber. You can get them amber on/white off if you want. Much better for daylight vis and almost no electrical draw. As bright as white ones at night too and all legal

  4. tonyagren

    I have a softail where the headlight and normal light all of a sudden got switched. I have to switch on the headlight to have normal light. Also the right position light indicator on the dashboard died. Left still working. All position lights working. Any ideas, relay problems?