Harley Oil Pressure

QuestionI have a 2002 Ultra Classic. The motor was suppose to been rebuilt a couple of years ago but I do not have proof of that. The bike shows 54,000 miles on it. My question has to do with the Harley oil pressure. When I first start the engine up my oil gauge shows 30 psi. Once it is warmed up and under load it shows 20 psi. and it has gone to 5-10 psi and come back up again. At idle it shows 0 psi. Is this something I should be worried about or is it normal for a Twin Cam 88. If you could shed any light on this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

Lorne R Via Email

AnswerThose oil pressure numbers are typical for your m/c. If the motor rebuild is unknown, or questionable, we suggest inspecting your cam chain tensioners. If you are interested in looking into keeping your oil cooler; check out Love Jugs.

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9 Responses to “Harley Oil Pressure”
  1. Roc

    You seem to like the love jugs coling systems and they do seem like they are an efficient way to get more air across the jugs/heads. However, I would like to know if installing an actual oil cooler wouldn’t do better as far as lowering the oil temperature? my ride is a 2005 softtail deluxe, all stock at the moment.

  2. samuel

    So I have a question , I do have a front cylinder base gasket leak , old EVO motor 89. Seems to seal up when hot anyway , the pressure gauge is showing all the way to the right. Is this something to be concerned with or is it possibly a bad gauge ?

  3. jimlash44

    Ticket 18056 What is the normal oil temp. range for a 1999 Sportster (dipstick thermometer), and at what point should I consider an oil cooler?

    • Andrew

      Why does the oil gauge jumps up and down or back and forth when I’m on the fwy cruising 50 or faster