Love Jugs Stop Harley Overheating

Duration: 8:13

Time and time again we get asked about Harley overheating issues and solutions. Bob LaRosa reviews the Love Jugs cylinder cooling fans and explains why we need them and how they work.

All Love Jugs Cooling Systems are designed to look like part of the original bike, so you will use the original horn and horn cover, along with the original chrome horn mounting bracket. All Love Jugs have the same super powerful motors, regardless of model chosen. The cooling capacity of the frame mounting model is generally superior due to the perfect positioning ability of the Frame Mounting System. 90% of the vibration of the cooling system is eliminated by the Frame Mounting System.

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See the Full Installation Video here on Fix My Hog – Cooling Hot Harleys with Love Jugs

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2 Responses to “Love Jugs Stop Harley Overheating”
  1. Bobby

    I have one question concerning Love Jugs. Does the heat get dissipated or does it get blown onto your right leg? I’m a little worried that my right leg could end up quite hot on long stops.

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      It does get dissipated from our experience. Touch base with the folks at Love Jugs. They are get people and have tons of info.