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Sintered Brake Pads

My ride is the ’93 FLHS. Can I used sintered pads on the front brakes? – I see you recommend EBC? Thank you for your time! Via Email If your rotors are new, or in “like new” condition, sintered is fine. Otherwise, would recommend an organic pad. The… Read More

Soft Brake Lever

2004 Harley Davidson Heritage. Hi, recently I viewed your video concerning Brake Bleeding and really like the idea of pushing the fluid through the system rather than sucking it out, it makes a whole lot of sense with regard to air bubbles. Several months ago I purchased a Phoenix… Read More

Sintered or Organic Pads

I’m ready to R/R my brake pads. Are the factory pads organic type or sintered? I had a bad experience with another bike when I used sintered pads, it ate into the rotor pretty deep. Which can I use with my stock rotors on my FXDC? Via Email… Read More

In The Shop: Brake Switch Failure

Common Electrical Issues Front Brake Switch We get hundreds of questions about electrical issues on Harley Davidsons. Some of the issues are common component failures like a bad ignition coil or a bad crank position sensor. Other issues are more commonly caused by incorrect installation of aftermarket components like handlebars… Read More

In The Shop: ABS Modulator Failure

Harley ABS One increasingly common issue that Harley Davidson owners have been facing is ABS module and modulator failure. Dot 4 brake fluid will absorb moisture over time. If your Harley is stored outdoors or in a humid environment, contamination of the fluid may happen even sooner. The moisture will… Read More

Caliper Pliers

I was watching the video on rebuild calipers 4 piston. You used a pliers that had a reverse action to remove the pistons. What is it called and were could I get one? Via Email Search; right angle lock ring pliers. They are offered from a number of… Read More

FMH GOLD LIVE: Harley ABS Braking System

Bob LaRosa covers the history of ABS, problems Harley Davidson motorcycles have had, and the litigation that followed. He also offers proper maintenance recommendations and the proper use of the ABS system. THIS EVENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FMH GOLD MEMBERS Log in now to view the event or… Read More

Removal of Front Master Cylinder

How do I take off a front master cylinder from my 2007 Harley FLHX? Via Email First, loosen and remove the banjo bolt & brake line. Pull, slightly, on the brake lever and insert a small shim that will hold the lever slightly depressed. **this is very important. Read More

Bleeding ABS Brakes

I have about 2015 Street Glide special with ABS brakes. I purchased chrome front and rear brake lines and I’m looking to install them and I was told that there’s a special procedure to bleed the brakes. I’m looking for a video or something I can do at my… Read More