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front fork

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Lowering an XL

I want to lower my 1980 Sportster do to have any ideals. I did lower the shocks already. Via Email We would suggest a Progressive fork spring kit. You can add a 1″ spring (supplied in kit) beneath your damper valve to lower one inch. Related Fix My… Read More

Is Fall Away Necessary?

I’m coming up on 25,000 miles and I feel completely comfortable doing everything required for this service except the steering neck bearing adjustment. My question is, is this service really necessary? My bike rides and steers fine and I would hate to tear into this and create a problem… Read More

Proper Wheel Alignment

I have a 2012 Fatboy Lo with 9,800 miles on it currently. The issue is that the front tire is wearing solely on the right side if you sitting on the bike. It actually still has the ink/paint on the left side between the trends and the… Read More

Steering Head Bearing Adjustment

Q: Dear Fix My Hog, I will become a paying subscriber if you can give me some pointers. Somewhere to start with my issue. My problem is this: I have a 2009 Ultra Classic and it has been giving me issues with front fork wobble at low speeds or de-acceleration. Read More

Fork Tubes

Q:Will the fork tubes of an ’03FLH fit an 1988 FLH? Derrick H A:Derrick, these tubes are not the same. They list like this: (FLHR/FLHT) H.D. # 45827-84 1984 thru 1996. H.D. # 45890-97 1997 and up. Any easy way to see what fits your… Read More

Left Fork Leaking Oil

I want to start off by thanking you for the Fix My Hog “Touring Edition” DVD. The video is full of helpful tips on how to perform many maintenance tasks on my Harley-Davidson. The problem I am having is my 2001 FLHPI Road King left fork… Read More

Steering Neck Adjustment

My Question to y’all, do you think it is reasonable to be charged for a Steering Neck Adjustment at 5,000 miles, (instead of warranty claim)? All the HD Touring service manuals state to lubricate at 1k, 10k and 20k and an adjustment isn’t even needed till 25,000… Read More