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XL Fuel Pump

My Sportster XL 1200 low was working fine, till last week doesn’t wanna start, noticed that the fuel pump doesn’t prime…need help in checking and finding solution. Via Email Would start by checking the fuse for the pump. Also, wouldn’t hurt to check for trouble codes. Related Fix… Read More

Fuel Issues

2002 Make Harley Model Softail Springer Hog Questions: I’m having fuel problem, took fuel pump out of tank, cleaned it up ( there was some paint chips from inside of tank) removed all paint from tank. rolled it on a slow lathe with mineral oil and a couple… Read More

To Add an Additive or Not

We have had a number of questions come in about oil and fuel additives. Should they be used with Harley Davidsons? Which oil additive is best for my air cooled Harley? Via Email Using an oil additive is… Read More

Harley Started to Misfire

My wife’s 2005 FLHTCUSE2 began to develop problems a few weeks ago. After a short ride, we stopped for her to get gas. On the way home, her Harley started to misfire and run poorly. I lost sight of her so I pulled over. After about 15 mins she showed… Read More

Fuel Pressure Issue

My bike won’t start. It’s fuel injected and has new fuel lines and the fuel pump is working. The bike sat for 6 months but ran before. It has only 6,000 miles on it. Like I said the bike sat for 6 months. The battery went dead so I… Read More

Fuel Pump Replacement

1999 Harley Road King Classic. Can the fuel pump be replaced with fuel still in the tank? Via Email You should always drain your your tank before serving or repairing your fuel pump assembly. Related Fix My Hog Videos:… Read More

In The Shop: 2012 FXDC Fuel Filter Replacement

If you are riding a fuel injected Harley Davidson, fuel filter replacement is an important service point that should not be overlooked. Typically, replacement of this filter is recommended at forty or fifty thousand miles. The service manual for your year and model will list this filter replacement in the… Read More

Fuel Gauge Issues

I have been having fuel gauge issues for the past couple of years, and it’s time to tackle them! When my fuel gets to about 3/4 tank, my fuel gauge begins to bobble from full to 1/4 tank (moving back and forth without reason). Once my fuel level gets down… Read More

Harley Fuel Tank Removal

I enjoy being a member of your site as it is very informative. My question, I want to run a power source from my handlebars to my battery. Can I just raise my tank, or will I need to remove it? I have a 2012 Fatboy Lo. Read More

In The Shop: Bad Fuel Injector

2008 XL SYMPTOM: Running on one cylinder DIAGNOSIS: A bad fuel injector REPAIR: Replace fuel injector Harley Davidson fuel rail Intake seals Spark plugs Bad, or blocked fuel injectors are not uncommon. If you own a fuel… Read More