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Speedometer and Odometer not Working

2000 Standard Softtail My speedometer and odometer is not working I replaced the speed sensor but didn’t work . Via Email We suggest lifting your dash assembly to inspect the speedometer plug and related harness. Inspect for a secure connection or possible harness damage. You can… Read More

Harley Speedo Drive

Picked a 1972 Shovelhead custom chopper. I have to add an odometer to get a title. It does not have a speedometer or any gauges other than an oil pressure gauge. Any advice on how to wire in the odometer? Can send pictures if that will help. Read More

Harley Speed Sensor

Actually 2 things on my mind. Speedo works when it wants but only at highway speeds and again randomly. Now blinkers are starting too work intermittently. Any ideas? Don’t believe both switches would go at same time, Short maybe or relay. Not sure and I would appreciate any ideas. Read More

2007 1200 XL Low Speedo

Q: 2007 1200 XL LOW speedo light stays on. Sporty was riding in some down pours. Thought maybe if I took the cover off and disconnected the plug it would dry any moisture but stills stays on. Any thoughts. Thanks Joe A: Sorry to answer with a question: Is… Read More

Harley Davidson Speedometer and Engine Issue

I have a 2007 Heritage. My problem is that on some rides the Harley-Davidson speedometer drops to “0” and the engine kills. I’ll cycle the ignition switch and the bike will restart. I have taken this problem to my local Dealer and they can’t find any thing wrong. Do… Read More

Speedo Issue

First let me say, thank God for you guys. It’s great to have an alternative to being bent over by the “Stealership” wrench jockeys that are more into selling parts than anything else. Second, I have an electrical problem and a biker friend at work suggested… Read More