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Harley Fuel Shut Off

I just changed oil and filter on my 2001 XLH883C when I started it, it blew the filler cap off and oil all over, what could be the problem? Also changed the Harley fuel shut off cause it was leaking, the new one didn’t have the vacuum… Read More

Tires ’09 Softail Custom

Q:Gang, I have your Softail/Dyna DVDs. My 2009 Softail Custom’s front tire is beginning to cup. I have only 7,000 miles on it. I have no idea why it has started to cup. I took it to the Harley dealer and they say I have about 1,000 more miles left… Read More

Drip Drip Drip

XL1200 Custom Sportster – I have an oil leak at the clutch cable end that is about the size of a quarter or half dollar after it sets for a bit. The cable end is tight, would you think it may be the “O” ring. I have almost 23k on… Read More

Sitting for 2 Years

Q: I’ve just got back to Texas from eight years in the marine corps. My 01 XL1200C Sportster has been sitting for TWO YEARS. What do I need to look for (besides the obvious service, any rubber hoses, flat spots on tires…) before I start riding again. 19500 miles. Read More

Ignition Module ’01 XL

I have a problem with and 01 Sportster ignition module. It quit and also blew a fuse and the breaker. I replaced the module. There is no spark at the coil, I installed a new coil and problem still persists. Any views? H-D serv. tech is also baffled. Read More

XL 883 to 1200

I recently purchased your DVD for my 2000, 883 Custom Harley Davidson Sportster and the DVD is greatly informative. Keep up the good work. I would like to convert my XL 883 to 1200. What is your recommendation on the kit I have listed below? 1200… Read More

Sportster Rear Brake Problem

I took my rear brake caliper off my 2006 Sportster to replace rear brake pads. I didn’t open the bleeder screw or loosen any lines. I installed the pads and bolted caliper on. Now the caliper pumps out and touches the pads but I have no pedal and no pressure… Read More

Sportster Cuts Off After 3 Minutes

I’ve replaced the carburetor which I thought was the problem but it hasn’t helped. I have an 883 Sportster with 1200 kit 1998; my bike runs 3 min then cuts off. Help…   Hi Wanda,I would buy a new vehicle attitude sensor from the dealer, not aftermarket. It should be… Read More