starter problems

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Starter Grinding

I have a 2009 flstc and I just changed the hand controls and added a brand new battery. When I tried to start it it made the normal noises and then it began to make a grinding noise. This happens whether in neutral or first gear. The team perfectly prior. Does it makes sense that…

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Harley Cold Start

Q: I have a Harley cold start problem with the used 2008 Road Glide that I bought. When I start it up in the morning it starts right up and goes to 2000 rpms. Then almost immediately drops to around 1000 rpms. Seems like it is almost going to stall out, but it doesn’t, and…

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Getting the Shaft or Is It the Battery?

Q: Have a problem; its been awhile since I had my bike out. Started last wk., all was fine, yesterday, I started an starter stuck, shut down 5 sec. then noticed fuel on ground, figure came from oil discharge, what is usually oil.Last wk. about a pt. discharged from sitting. Do you have a tape…

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Intermittent Starting Problem

My 1983 FLHT has an intermittent starting problem, she will lay down on me and not start till she cools off. I took her to a mech friend of mine and he replaced the voltage regulator because he said it was smoking. I rode 14 miles and she coughed, backfired and said “no mas” I…

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