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In The Shop: Inner Primary Bearing and Race Failure

A problem that had become increasingly more common since around 2008 is inner primary bearing and bearing race failure. Until this time, bearing and race replacement was more commonly performed as preventive maintenance. In The Shop, we would commonly replace the bearing when performing jobs like belt and pulley replacement,… Read More

Harley Will Not Shift

Good day. I have a 1980 FLH That has been running great until it was parked for two weeks and then went I took it out I could hardly shift it. I actually had to force it in gear when up shifting. Now down shifting seemed to be easier… Read More

Shift Pawl

Just got into second gear, want to shift in third, shifter lever moves. Transmission did not engage the next gear, possible cause? Shifting levers are tight. Via Email Inspect your transmission shift arm at the transmission. The spines of the arm & the shift pawl shaft may be… Read More

5 Speed to 6 Speed

Hello, I need a complete video of how to change out my stock 5 speed transmission to a (ultimate) 6 speed transmission can you help me? Via Email We have a video showing how to replace the entire gear set. If you are replacing the case (entire transmission),… Read More

JIMS Fat Five Upgrade

1988 HD FXR…I am going to install a Delkron 91-93 inner primary and tranny case. Then I will install a Jim’s Fat 5 /Overdrive (thanks for the awesome video) set of gears. I am looking for a hydraulic clutch slave cover that will work with this set up. Have… Read More

In The Shop: Grinding Noise When Shifting into 4th

1989 FLHTC ISSUE: Grinding noise when shifting into 4th. DIAGNOSIS: Counter-shaft door bearing; complete failure. REPAIR: Complete transmission rebuild including: Main drive gear bearing (main bearing) Main drive gear internal bearings (2) Countershaft bearing Jims shift pawl assembly Main & Countershaft caged bearings (4) Shaft retaining clips Trans… Read More

Starter Pinion Gear

I just put a Baker DD6 transmission in my 1999 Night Train. For some reason, the starter pinion gear is now resting against the ring gear on the clutch, and I have no clearance between the two at all. I have the jackshaft bolt torqued to spec, and I’ve… Read More

New Transmission Case

I need to remove my transmission an do a swap to a new transmission case on this bike where my rear sway bar mounts, it got cracked. Got a book but was wondering if you had a video just to make sure and make me feel more comfortable, first… Read More

Transmission Not Shifting

About my transmission, I only have 1st, 2nd gear and neutral. On my 2007 Fatboy. I’m not real sure what the problem is. Via Email Disconnect shift linkage from transmission shift arm. Raise rear wheel off the ground. If you can not shift through all gears, you will… Read More

Pulley Teeth Calculation

How do I convert engine rpm, trans pulley teeth and rear pulley teeth to mph? 32 trans/70 rear Do you know the pulley teeth calculation? Via Email Please check out Andrews site for graphs and ratios on pulley… Read More