Turn Signal Not Working

I have a 1999 Sportster 883 hugger. This am, my right turn signal did not function. It did not light up on the indicator panel either. When I started it, it blinked for a moment then stopped. The left turn signal works fine. When I put the hazards on, the right side blinked twice along with the left, then stopped. Is it the turn signal switch, the turn signal module, or other? I have the Sportster DVD and they’ve helped a lot. When I work on it, I usually take my travel DVD player and follow along in pauses until I’m done. Wish y’all would included a section on how to change the main drive belt, though. Anyhow, any answers would be helpful. Thanks.

Hello Heidi, Replace all bulbs check all grounds (black wires), replace turn signal module under left side triangle shaped cover. I have seen many of these modules go bad, you can use your service manual wiring diagram and swap left to right turn signal trigger wires to double check, but I can almost bet it is the module.


Wrench Safe, FMH

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101 Responses to “Turn Signal Not Working”
  1. Robert

    everything works with the turn signals except the left indicator light in the speedometer. I have a 2014 harley sportster 1200T

      • dan

        Recently I had an issue with my 13 street glide and the left turn signal not working and my speedometer not reflecting the speed increasing when in the set operation and it would climb very slowly . I brought it to the dealer and they said it was in the speedometer head and not covered in the extended insurance that I bought. So be it but it was in the speedometer . Still like the bike but am anxious about the future when I ride for a long distance.

  2. Hardtop

    I have a 1990 Electra Glide and the left turn signal will work but wjen I try the right signal the switch will not depress to turn the signal on ??

  3. Stephen

    My 2011 dyna wide glide lost all turn signal operation (front and rear) and also brake lights. Any ideas as to where to go from here?

  4. William

    I have a 2004 sportster 1200. The right turn signal light and the neutral light does not light. What do you call these indicators lights and where can you get them?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi William. Those are, simply, indicator lights. They are sealed. There are no bulbs to change for the indicators on your year/model.
      Usually, when one fails, however, it is due to a bad connection or switch.
      Suggest trying to externally ground the wire @ your neutral switch. If your neutral indicator lights up, then the switch is bad.
      Also, use a test light or multimeter to check your connections on the t-sig indicator.

  5. gary

    i have a 2007 883r…my indicators were working fine…….i noted the other day that they are now not working although they flash when the alarm comes on but no response from the left or right switches….any suggestions

  6. jerry rodriguez
    jerry rodriguez

    i have 1997 sportser, rt front signal light will not come on at all, the display for rt stays on but not flash, all other lights work, even when emergency flashers come on except rt side others blink.

  7. Dan

    2007 dyna, left turn signal comes on by itself, wont cancel. This is a intermitten thing. Dan

  8. CJ

    Hi does anyone know the answer how to fix my 1997 sportster indicator issue?. So I had some v-rod style led indicators fitted with resistors and all was well until after about a year I noticed the left only indicator had stopped working. When the bikes at standstill (engine off) though it seemed to work? Anyways I bought a new indicator module but same thing happening, so I fitted new resistors and still no left indicators? Also when I press the lefty switch on the road the speedo goes dead until I release the switch? Thanks in advance.

  9. Nora

    I have a 1976 flh shovel head and have problems with blinkers when I press the signal button I get maybe two good flashes and shortly after I will get a strobe effect fast flashing of the blinker. I have changed the blinker relays all bulbs cleaned everything any suggestions

  10. Scott Pauley
    Scott Pauley

    I have to hold the turn signal switch on in order for my signals to blink. This is kind of distracting while turning. If I just hit the switch like normal it blinks once or twice and stops. I did replace my headlight with an LED type and wonder if this is whats causing the problem. Otherwise, my 1992 FLSTC is all stock. Is it the LED headlight, the hand switches or a bad module.?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Scott. Your year/model uses a turn signal module for flashing and canceling signals. You may have a bad module or corroded/bad connections at the module or at the handlebar switch harness/ plug.
      If you determine that you need a turn signal module, we suggest Badlands.

  11. Chris Clark
    Chris Clark

    I have 2005 Road king Classic, the alarm light is coming while riding and the fob is not being touched to arm or disarm the alarm. The light comes on for the alarm and stays on while riding and at that time my right turn signal stops working, the left one still works fine. What do I need to fix? Anyone know?

    • Jim VC
      Jim VC

      I have the same problem. I almost bought a module but the price is 150$ and not refundable so I am looking for any other troubles. Good luck on yours. Let me know if you find something

    • Wayne Law
      Wayne Law

      I have the same problem on my 2011 Street Glide. I sure would love the answer for that problem. After I got home, tried the signals later, everything worked fine. Have to go for another ride to see if the problem reoccurs. Any ideas anyone?

    • Mark Ferguson
      Mark Ferguson

      On my 05 Roadking it started with the alarm light staying on. Then speedometer quit working along with neutral light. Then the brake lights weren’t operating correctly. This took a couple of weeks for all this to take place. There is a relay under the seat by the battery that controls all these items. That’s what fixed mine. Hope this helps they are cheap and can be bought at almost any parts store.

  12. jaime

    2014 lowrider left rear turn signal wont work put new bulb in still does not work any ideas

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Jaime. If the issue is only with your left rear signal, suggest that you use a test light or multimeter to verify whether or not you have triggered voltage to the left rear socket. If you don’t, move on to under your seat. Find the plug for that signal and test there.

  13. Earl

    weird problem the left turn signal stopped working after being caught in a monsoon and playing submarine,the security module will flash ALL the lights if activated( move bike around), if I hit left and right switches at the same time the emergency flashers WILL work, but I dont have signal lights if I press the left only, everything else is fine…

  14. Burk

    I changed the battery in my 2006 Harley Soft Tail Deluxe now my left turn signal does not work..

  15. Carole

    where do I install the load equalizer for the front turn signals? Between what and what? I do have a Badlands equalizer and Custom Dynamics led turn signals for my 2003 FLSTF that has a light bar with lights and blinkers on it.

  16. Barry L Gardner
    Barry L Gardner

    I worked on a friends1994 1200 Sporster and the turn signal on right side didn’twork did the testing that the manual said and deturmed that the module controls the signals was bad replaced and Working just fine

  17. Ron Brown
    Ron Brown

    Wrong! The module under the “left side triangle shaped cover” is the ignition module. The turn signal module is a grey rectangular module with a grey plug into the front side. It is located under the seat in front of the circuit breaker block. Problem may be the module, but definitely not the ignition module if the bike runs. But, the instructions to replace bulbs and check grounds and swapping sides is the best way to check the module and wiring. (If there is an intermittent break in a wire or ground or bulb filament, the turn signal will stop flashing, but it shouldn’t be the same every time.)

  18. Michelle

    I had the same issue on my 2013 sporty xl. I bought a voltage tester to find that one of the grounds wasn’t working. I had also checked the bulbs and they were good. I had moved my rear signal lights to accommodate my saddle bags and decided to check the wiring. As it was under the rear fender i pulled it back to find the wires frayed from rubbing on the tires. Once soldered all was good and signals worked. The module is pricey…check everything wire related first it may just be a bad connection.

  19. Ken

    I have a 2006 Dyna lowrider the turn signals quit working the front break lght works rear break light does not work and the starter button does nothing also i have a good battery and no gauges are working. It happened with no warning and left me stranded. I read were there was a recall on the starter button due to vibration is this true

  20. JACK

    Ok 2+ years now still screwing with TS after pricing a tssm for a 2005 fat boy 260 bucs I decided to use the ole hand signals now that my ole lady wants to start riding again after many back surgeries.. I want the fat boy at 100 % for her so I have checked wires from switch to front signal to harness at wishbone to tssm from tssm to plug at rear fender to rear ts light all seem good right ts works fine key fob is new and programmed at dealer fine bought service manual tells me to check electrical diognostic manual ” shit by now I would of been better buying the tssm and having HD install it” but you know I need the knowledge been wrenching on HD since 77 just want to know … can’t justify 260 bucs for a electrical part I can’t return till I know it’s what this girl needs please anybody that has this problem share !! Question:: the tssm under rear fender “the $260- part and then there’s a box under the seat that plugs into harnesses under seat to harness under rear fender to rear tail light What is the square box in the middle of this short harness??? I will not rest till I know and understand this electrical nightmare is fixed and will not throw parts at the problem till it works I’m an old soldier Ranger set in my ways proud hurts to ask for help have tried all I know I gotta admit I’m stumped but not ready to throw a gernade at it yet Thanks SSG Jack S USA ret DAV

  21. sule worm
    sule worm

    need to add LED equalizer for front run/turn signal under seat for 2011 dyna fxdc help locating it

  22. Joshua Thomas
    Joshua Thomas

    My blinkervon my 94 sportster was working fine then it just stopped out of the blue, can anyoe tell me what the problem is?

  23. janine

    I have a 92 heritage softail, I am switching to LED on my blinkers, now they won’t blink. Do I need a different flasher since I am changing to LED?

  24. Romeo Montague
    Romeo Montague

    My 2003 xl883 is doing a similar thing, the front left blinkers running light us fine but when i turn the blinker in the front shuts off and the back goes solid. When I use the hazards the back blinks like it should and the front left just blinks between on (running broghtness) and off. Any ideas?

  25. Rozay

    My left turn signal does not work, but it stays illuminated on dash. The light is constant, is not flashing on and off.

  26. Michael maciel
    Michael maciel

    Have a 2013 street glide an when i hit the left blinker the security key lights up an blinker wont work, any ideas of the possable cause

  27. johnnythabull1972

    I have a 92 Fatboy FLSTF, the turn signals on the left work fine, the right side however, the rear doesnt flash, and the front turn signal isnt working at all, but i noticed when i turn the key switch from on to off, the front light came on for a second, my next step was to trace the wire from front signal out and replace it, making better terminations, i been trying to find a wiring diagram, im an electrician and sure would be helpful, any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks



  29. Tom

    Have a 2004 Road King custom it has strip lights on the back LED they went out I have no brake lights nor directionals on the Ria front lights work somebody told me it could be a capacitor or would it be a fuse

  30. Bill Boland
    Bill Boland

    I have a 1994 softail custom was putting my lic.plate on and I thing I pinch a wire and now my blinker don’t work and the bulbs on the dash are out left and right blinkers,,,,,don’t work ,,,,,,where are the fuse on these 94 softails. help

  31. Brett moses
    Brett moses

    Sometimes my turn signals work then 5 days 3 days 2 days whatever will start working again is this the module? Also no horn or Speedo

  32. Dave

    My speedo doesn’t work and my blinkers. Fuses are good. all other lights work.

  33. brian

    99 flhtcui no horn turn signals or brake light fuses good everything else works radio and all lights have no clue

  34. Robert Lee Brown
    Robert Lee Brown

    Ok installed apes hangers on my 2017 1200 Sportster spliced the turn signal wires to extend them now have no front turn signals or running lights then inda ator blinks and rear signals work but nothing in front

  35. Rodney Desormeaux
    Rodney Desormeaux

    Ticket 18341 I have a 2000 FXDWG that was laid down recently. I have fixed all damage but now the left front turn signal (replaced) does not blink. Turn light just stays on when turn switch is hit. Also left rear signal does not work at all. Right side works perfectly. I used the guts out of my damaged front left signal and a new housing. I have all wires hooked up correctly. Can anyone help me figure this out?

  36. Ian

    NB Ticket 18819 My indicators won’t work when I press the turn button they will flash once then the red key symbol on the clock comes on then indicators won’t work, what could the bloblem be. The hazard lights will work when bike is off but not when running so flashed unit appears to be working

  37. Karl

    I have a 1999 Heritage Softail and the ri1ght turn signal doesn’t work nor does the flashers bulbs have been replaced recently and didn’t change anything

  38. mrjoeyd2017

    Ticket 19241 What could be the problem,On my 1998 Fatboy right turn signal works fine but when I put the left turn signal on,All 4 of my turn signals blink at the same time?

  39. lensaint32

    Ticket 21067 Cant get right rear signal to work I’ve changed the bulbs, turn signal module checked ground left signals flash on the right side only the front lights up. Please help

  40. Beau

    I have a 2005 Fatboy. Signals will not work / alarm will not disengage, battery is good in FOB no matter if I disengage (lights do flash to signal that the system is “off” but the dash light stays on)

  41. Warren Rypma
    Warren Rypma

    Say can some one call me to help me get in with you I’m just not understanding how to join 616-325-8304

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  42. Jacob

    I have a 1999 XL1200S where the right turn signals will randomly blink and will get brighter if I turn the throttle. Left side works normally. Any ideas?

  43. Jake

    On my 2003 Fatboy the right turn signal won’t turn on all the time, the switch works to cancel out the left turn signal every time, but will only activate my right signal every now and then checked wiring at the handgrips all looks good. Everything worked when I parked it for the winter. Any suggestions were to look next? Any help is appreciated


  44. Phillip Arredondo
    Phillip Arredondo

    I have a 1997 Dyna wide glide, when I turn the ignition on the hazards come on the switches on the handlebars seem like there’s no switch till I move up on the switch whereit toggles, the blinker bulbs work at different sides

  45. Phillip Arredondo
    Phillip Arredondo

    Hazards come on when ignition switch is turned on, blinkers will not work properly try to use them but either the left blinker will come on or the hazards come on, also have to push the turn buttons at different spots. Thank you for any help you can offer I forgot to mention I have a 97 Dyna wide glide

  46. Blake Carter
    Blake Carter

    I have a 2015 Softtail and the left turning indicator stopped working. No maintenance has been done on the bike. Is there a part number to replace the module? Local Harley shop wants 150.00 just to look at it.

  47. Rob

    Relocated my rear turn signals to accommodate saddle bags. Have relocated the lights on the bike before with out issue. Suddenly the rear lights no longer illuminate permanently and they won’t work at all. Fuel reading continues to say Low Fuel when tank is full. I am guessing there’s a short somewhere but my question is, will rewriting the entire signal relocation set up fix this issue? If not, what is going on?

  48. Joe

    Turn signals on a 1998 springer softail not working at all ,front and back .
    Any suggestions

  49. Cindy

    – Hello, I have a 1992 hugger 883 my bike was customized years ago. converted to a fatbob tank and fender as of recently I never had any problem with my bike all of a sudden my turn signals work intermittently – right front and rear work, light up and flash – the left side however is not flashing but it lights up.. I have checked wiring, fixed a ground wire. A few years ago, checked the triangle module . I am just at a loss now.

  50. Dennis Badertscher
    Dennis Badertscher

    – Have 1976 1000 sportster. None of the turn signals will work. Have brake, tail and headlight. that work Any help as to what might be the problem? thanks for any help.

  51. tom

    no tail light brake light or rear turn signals. Security light comes on and stays on for about 45 minutes of riding then goes out and everything works again. getting 3 codes indicating open circuit in each what is causing this. bad ass tail light stock turn signals tail light been on the bike a year no issues till now any help would be appreciated!!!

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  52. VERNON

    I have a 2007 road glide with LED lights installed and I have a right front and rear turn signal not working it will not even light up left works fine but right does not is this a module problem