How to Check Harley-Davidson Belt Tension

Duration: 1:23

When you remove the rear wheel, make sure you check the Harley-Davidson belt tension and belt alignment after you reinstall it. Bob and Mark walk us through a couple of these important steps. This video provides and easy to follow guide for you to check your Harley belt tension and guides you through what to look for when completing this repair.
– Rider weight on motorcycle
– Tightest spot
– 10 lbs on belt tension gauge – check your model specs in the manual

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2 Responses to “How to Check Harley-Davidson Belt Tension”
  1. Cecil

    I think the Harley specs run the belt too tight. my 2001 dyna FXD has 131k on the original belt and I have done my own maintenance including belt tension since warranty expired at 10k in 2001. If the belt chirps it is too loose.

  2. Momo

    I was just wondering why didn’t the Fat bob wasn’t inecudld in the 105th anniversary models ?considering that this is the 1st year for Fat bob and by having a 105th edition , it would have made it a unique peace of art that could be worth a lot more in the future