Cool-Master By Love Jugs

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Bob LaRosa provides a video review of the Cool-Master by Love Jugs. Meet the COOL-MASTER, model. This new addition to the LOVE JUGS line gives the rider another choice in style and power that takes controlling the excessive heat produced by your Harley to an all new level. The COOL-MASTER is the newest model from Hammerhead Engineering, LLC, which already produces the World’s Most Powerful Cooling System for Harley-Davidson motorcycle engines – the ORIGINAL LOVE JUGS, Slots and Bullets styles.

The new model has a number of innovations that will help even more Harley owners tame the heat beast they are riding. The heat generated by a V-Twin air cooled engine can approach 500 degrees in stop and go traffic. Even lesser high temperatures destroy the lubricating capabilities of the engine oil, and ruin many an engine, to say nothing of destroying what should be a pleasurable day on the road for riders and their passengers.

The only way to safely and effectively cool down a high temperature air cooled engine is to consistently run a powerful stream of air across the hottest part of the engine’s cooling fins to dramatically lower the heat. The COOL-MASTER proudly joins the ORIGINAL LOVE JUGS to do this job like nothing else in the world. We can now announce that the newly developed COOL-MASTER puts out even more cooling power for those who want the best of the best Make no mistake, both of Hammerhead’s patented dual fan cooling systems deliver at least twice as much cooling punch than any other product ever sold.

All LOVE JUGS unique designs look as cool as they are effective in cooling your ride. Besides the bigger blast of air, the new COOL-MASTER has a number of new design features that are sure to appeal to many Harley riders.

The no nonsense sleek face gives the unit a finished custom look that is as at-home on a $100,000 custom bagger as it is on a 25 year old Electra Glide. Recessed switches on the top of each fan are both convenient and a stylistic home run. The lustrous smooth outer band makes for a cool compact look that provides the choice of another design that nicely rounds out the variety of styles offered by the original Slots and Bullets models.

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