Custom Harley Front End Wrap-Up

Duration: 2:39

This custom Harley front end on this Street Glide is just about complete. The front fender has been reinstalled along with the front wheel, and left and right side calipers. With the front, chrome bezel re-installed under the headlamp, Bob installs the black, plastic, lower bezel at the back of the inner fairing, beneath the ignition switch. Many models have accessory switches in this bezel that need to be plugged in as the bezel is slid into position. The bezel is secured with two small button head allen screws. One on each side. Each side is tightened securely.

Next, the right and left side turn signals are installed on the Harley front end. The signals are plugged in and the extra length of hardware is pushed back into the hole in the inner fairing. The top signal mount stud is already secured into the top tree. The lower stud is threaded into the lower tree and the signals are put into their correct position on the front end ABS secured with two acorn style nuts. Mark mirrors the same procedure on the opposite side of the motorcycle. The assemblies are symmetrical from left to right.

With everything on the custom Harley front end reassembled, it is time to take a moment to clean up all of the new, chrome components including the chrome lower sliders and bells. It is also time to clean up all of the reused factory components that were handled. This includes the front fender, front rotors, front wheel, and the two bezels.

Firm brake lever and all electrical functions are, once again, confirmed before attempting to roll the motorcycle off of the lift. This Street Glide is ready for a test ride.

Not only does it look amazing, but the handling is going to improve greatly. Now we are riding with three excellent American companies. Progressive Suspension, Performance Machine, and of course, Harley Davidson.

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