Dyna Gas Tank Removal

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Duration: 20:03

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In this video Steve demonstrates removal of the Dyna gas tank. There are a number of different dash configurations for different Dyna models and model years. However, Dyna gas tank mounting points for stock Dyna Twin Cam models are typically the same.

There are a number of reasons for Dyna gas tank removal. The tank may need to be removed for motor work, for fuel tank flushing, for paint correction correction, or a variety of other reasons.

Steve begins the Dyna gas tank removal by removing the seat. If the motorcycle is fuel injected, the quick disconnect would need to be separated from the fuel output valve. The Dyna on Steve’s lift is carbureted and has a stock petcock. For this set up, the fuel hose clamp is loosened and the fuel hose is pulled off of the petcock. If the fuel hose still had a stock Harley Davidson crimp style clamp, the clamp would need to be cut off with a set of dyke pliers.

The stock petcock is a vacuum style valve. The vacuum hose is pulled off of the petcock.
In order to drain the fuel tank, Steve plugs in a drain hose and attaches his mighty vac to the port on the petcock where the vacuum hose was attached. The Mighty Vac tool is needed to create a vacuum which moves a diaphragm inside the petcock and, in turn, allows the fuel to pass through. With the petcock set to reserve, Steve drains as much gasoline from the Dyna gas tank as possible.

Next, Steve removes the fuel crossover hose on the bottom, front of the Dyna gas tank. There is usually more residual gasoline in this area. Steve is prepared with a rag and a couple of rubber caps for the tank fittings.

Steve disassembles and removes the dash assembly. He removes the Dyna gas tank retaining hardware and lifts the tank off of the backbone of the Dyna. The tank can now be set aside in a clean, safe, location.

Steve demonstrates reassembly and is ready to start the 2005 Dyna.

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