Dyna Kickstand Spring Removal and Replacement

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Today, Steve has a 2005 Dyna up on the lift to demonstrate how to replace the Dyna kickstand spring. Also known as the jiffy stand, the kickstand spring will begin to stretch as it gets older, allowing the Dyna kickstand to sag. This will cause the stand to bounce when going over bumps, and it will no longer swing upwards in a swift motion.

To remove the Dyna kickstand spring, you are going to need to have the motorcycle supported upright. Do this with a motorcycle lift, a flat jack, or with a friend’s help. Fold the stand up into its folded position. This will release the majority of tension that is in the spring.

Then, using a vise grip pliers, clamp onto the end of the spring that is on the frame side. Forcefully pull forward and down to release the spring from the tab on the motorcycle’s frame. Release the other end of the spring from the Dyna kickstand. Take the time to thoroughly clean the jiffy stand and the frame of the motorcycle prior to installing a new spring.

Slide one end of the spring eyelet through the Dyna kickstand. Then, fold the jiffy stand up and lock onto the opposite spring eyelet with your vise grips. Pull forward with the vise grip to locate the spring end onto the boss on the motorcycle’s frame. Remove the vise grips and lubricate the moving/rubbing areas of the assembly. Then, actuate the jiffy stand up and down to check for proper function.

Dyna kickstand assemblies differ between different years as well as different models. Refer to your factory service manual for the correct spring replacement procedure for your Harley-Davidson. A jiffy stand is a vital component on any motorcycle. It needs to work flawlessly every time. We strongly recommend using only genuine Harley-Davidson replacement parts for every Harley-Davidson jiffy stand assembly.

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