Inspect and Lube Jiffy Stand

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Jiffy stand, side stand, kickstand; doesn’t matter what you call it. We are all talking about the same thing. It is important to take a couple of minutes to inspect and lubricate your kickstand at every service interval. Neglecting to do so can result in serious damage or even injury. Lubricate the jiffy stand assembly with a sprayable grease or something similar. Inspect the jiffy stand spring for wear or damage. Make sure that the kickstand bumper is securely in place.

If the spring is ever in question, it should be replaced with a new, factory spring. Do not risk using an aftermarket spring. The quality of the metal is always horrible. Also, aftermarket springs are usually chrome plated. The plating process seems to weaken the cheap, Chinese metal even further. After lubricating, verify that the jiffy stand can operate freely and swing swiftly back up against the bumper. Make sure that the stand does not hang down loose. If it does, the bike should not be ridden until a repair is made. This scenario is extremely dangerous. If the kickstand grabs the road while cornering, the outcome can be fatal.

Inspect the jiffy stand on your Harley at every service interval. It is an important inspection during regular maintenance.

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3 Responses to “Inspect and Lube Jiffy Stand”
  1. DC Smitty
    DC Smitty

    I also have the same “creeping” problem that Victor mentions. I have a 2013 used Road King Classic that has this when purchased (did not notice until after deal was done) Got the bike up on the jack and inspected for any looseness in the assy and found none. Before I get off of it I always have to roll it forward a little just to be sure the stop is engaged.