Harley Kickstand Spring R&R

Duration: 9:54

The Harley kickstand spring is a critical part of your motorcycle. Without it your, Harley-Davidson kickstand will not work and you will not be able to stand your motorcycle up. Do not pull at the spring you can hurt yourself, the spring and damage your motorcycle. Here’s the way to do it.

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27 Responses to “Harley Kickstand Spring R&R”
  1. Daniel-son

    hey steve! where are your safety glasses, springs break, cleaning fluid can squirt. Ca-mon man everyone is watching.

      • Daniel-son

        Sorry, I think his name is Bob. Its more “cool” to wear the safety stuff than not. Ive had a wire from a wire wheel stick in my eyeball- changed the whole day.

        • FixMyHog

          True that, or as the kids say tru dat. You will see Bob with safety glasses on many of the over 60 hours of video here at Fix My Hog. Work clean, Work safe, Wrench Safe Dennis

  2. redsoxfangeo

    What is the guys name in this video? Looks like a guy who used to work on my bike in Waterbury, Ct. at LA One.

    • FixMyHog

      Hi Michael, Similar yes, with this video and your manual you can get right to it.

  3. redsoxfangeo

    Tell Bob George Wall said hello. He’ll know me from my 1992 Electra-Glide.

  4. Radalou

    Hi Bob! I don’t want to contradict your video on changing the spring on the jiffy stand but when you reinstalled the spring you hooked the spring opposite the way it came off. when you put the stand in the up position the spring is in a flexed state which appeared to be wrong to me. please do not take this the wrong way its just an observation. I really like watching and learning about fixing my bike through you guys. You do a very good job of explaining how to do the job safely and correct. I have learned a lot through your videos. So that being said, should that spring be straight in an extended state or should it be in a curved flex position like in the video? Thanks Dave.

    • FixMyHog

      Hi Dave,
      Thank you for this comment, we added graphics to make sure anyone doing the procedure follows along with the specs in the factory service manual.
      Keep the comments coming we are driven by these.
      Wrench Safe,

  5. Dennis Santopietro
    Dennis Santopietro

    Some feedback we got that I had to share:

    My kickstand spring came off loading my Ultra when we moved here from Texas and just as your video indicated we would do…..me and another knucklehead grabbed the vise grips and eventually added a ratchet come-along and got it back in place but I feel pretty stupid after watching the video on how to replace it CORRECTLY and how easy it is!! Ha! Very well done video, informative not BS at all and very easy to follow. Really a well done piece and wish I’d heard of FMH sooner.

  6. mark

    great video what was the residue remover and where can I acquire some? Proud to be a FMH member

  7. Zippo44

    It’s good to check the hooks in both ends of the spring for wear grooves If found Replace it ! and i carry a extra kick stand spring in the saddle bags !

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Gordon,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a video that covers your jiffy stand at this time.
      Removal goes like this –
      Remove cotter pin and washer from pin.
      Detach spring from jiffy stand and anchor plate.
      Pull pin from between frame tubes.
      Jiffy stand and pivot block components will drop as an assembly.
      Place pivot block and jiffy stand
      leg assembly between frame tubes.
      Insert pin from front of vehicle through frame tubes and pivot block.
      Secure with washer and a new cotter
      Attach spring to anchor plate and jiffy stand leg.
      When properly installed, hook on spring side connected to jiffy stand leg faces upward.
      Check that jiffy stand operates correctly before using.

      Mark FMH Video Membership


    I have a Softail Heritage Classic. Your video and procedure for a touring kickstand spring replacement is easy. How about one for the heritage. It is totally different. The stand is a part of the floorboard bracket and will not rotate forward as described. It seems that all your videos deal with all models except the heritage and the procedures are all different. The Harley shop manual does not cover it either.

  9. samuel

    Ok , not sure if I ask about this before so here goes, 1989 FLHTCU , my jiffy stand when I put it down to park the bike seems to go too far forward. Could the locking tab be worn out ? Or what else might cause this ? It doesn’t seem like there is too much to the entire assembly.