Harley Davidson Wiring Harness Transfer

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Wiring can be confusing and, sometimes troublesome. Harley Davidson wiring harness transfer from one frame to another, can be confusing but that can easily be avoided. It is of utmost importance that photos, diagrams, or notes are taken before disconnecting or removing the harness from the original frame. If you are unfamiliar with Harley Davidson wiring harness and Harley’s typical wire colors, it is absolutely necessary to prepare yourself before moving any area of the factory harness.

Before removing the Harley Davidson wiring harness, you will need to cut any securing tie wraps and remove the harness retainer on the front of the frame’s wishbone. It is best to work front to back. When ready, lift the harness off and orientate it over the new frame. Begin mocking up with tie wraps. Only loosely install tie wraps at this time until the wiring is closer to it’s permanent locations. It is best to refrain from finally securing tie wraps until the oil tank is installed.

Make any connections/plug in anything that you can at this time. You will continue securing the harness and finalizing your connections as more components are added to the motorcycle.

You will need to take your time. You removed it and took pictures. You consulted your wiring diagram. Now is the time to make sure all is well with the harness. Once you start bolting parts back on it will be hard to see most sections of the harness. If you have a bare wire hitting the frame you will have an assembled motorcycle that will not operate correctly.




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