Harley Evo Softail Oil Tank Installation

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We are ready to reinstall the Harley Evo Softail oil tank back into the motorcycle. Bob takes a minute to explain the working areas and mounting points of this oil tank. While the oil tank is still stripped down and on the bench; it is the perfect time to thoroughly clean any surface areas that are unreachable when the tank is installed.

Replace Old Grommets

It is important to replace all four rubber grommets, or mounts, before entering the tank back into its position in the frame. Bob shows us a quick method for securing the new grommets on the Softail oil tank without compromising their integrity. He also takes a minute to explain the importance of the factory style squeeze clamps and the proper pliers for the clamp installation.

Battery Installation

The last preparation for install is securing the rear battery strap into its mounting tab on the back of the oil tank. Bob explains the importance of installing the strap at this time. He also shows us the proper orientation for the rear tank support bracket.

All Hands on Deck

Now, with a second set of hands to help guide; slide the Softail oil tank into position while carefully snaking the oil drain line and the positive battery cable into their correct positions. Next, loosely install the front mounting bracket and hardware; followed by the rear mounting bracket and corresponding hardware. Correctly install the oil lines and secure them with the correct factory style squeeze clamps as Bob has already instructed. Then, evenly tighten all of the oil tank mounting hardware and both brackets.

Final Pieces and Fresh Oil

Finally, you will need to reinstall the battery pad, battery, and the front battery strap. Locate the Softail oil tank drain line under its bendable locking tab and secure it. Always start with fresh oil and a new oil filter. Bob shows us that with the proper planning, tools, and replacement parts; oil tank installation should not be an intimidating project. Watch this video and all the paint your Harley videos before attempting your oil tank installation. You will be prepared to complete the job from start to finish – correctly – the first time.

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