Evo 2 Piece Harley Davidson Fuel Tank Removal

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Duration: 22:30

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In this video, Bob demonstrates two piece Harley Davidson fuel tank removal. The two piece fuel tanks demonstrated here are typically found on Harley Davidson, Evolution, Softail models. There are Shovelhead models that have the two piece fuel tank configuration, but the tanks mount differently and rubber grommets are not utilized.

There is typically a fuel valve on the left side fuel tank and a fuel crossover line between the two tanks. The fuel crossover line will equalize fuel level between both side tanks. Harley Davidson fuel tanks should always be drained before removing. If fuel is left inside the tanks, the tanks will be heavier and harder to handle. Tanks can be drained from the fuel valve but they drain quicker from the fuel crossover.

When draining from the crossover you should use line clamps and rubber plugs. There is more than one way to accomplish draining. Do what works best for you. If you plan ahead and work carefully, very little fuel will escape as you direct the fuel out of the tanks and into your gas container. Work quickly and have clean rags on hand to wipe up any residual fuel that may escape.Make sure you are using a good, sealed, designated, fuel container and that any rags that have gas in them are disposed of in a safe manner.

After the tanks are drained, unbolt the dash and have a second set of hands hold the dash while you unplug the electrical connections. Remove the dash and place it in an upright position; never leave the dash upside-down, as a digital display can become damaged.

Next, remove the long vent line from the right side fuel tank and loosen the cross over vent. Again, utilize your second set of hands as you remove the hardware that secured the tank to the tank mounts. Once all three bolts are removed, you will be able to carefully pull the tank out, and away from the motorcycle.

With both tanks removed, it is a good time to inspect everything that you typically would not be able to see. It is also an ideal time to clean those same areas. As always, Fix My Hog suggests servicing your way in, and out of every project. If fuel lines are in question, they should be replaced during reassembly. Fuel tank grommets should also be replaced. If you are considering upgrading your fuel valve, now is the time.

There are many different reasons your two piece fuel tanks may need to be removed. After watching our demonstration you will feel confident to take on this task yourself.