Harley Fuel Injection Buyer’s Guide to Dennis Kirk

Duration: 13:43

Bob LaRosa walks us through the heart of your Harley fuel injection upgrade process. A mini computer that is the fuel management system. We need to have the ECM upgraded for the performance exhaust, muffler, and air intake systems we install.

Watch this Harley fuel injection buyers guide video and Bob will review each systems and their pros and cons.

Dynojet Power Vision With Autotune

– Pros

  • Similar in nature to the FI2000. It results in continuous dynamic real time tuning.
  • Proper air/fuel ratios are experienced at all times regardless of altitude and atmospheric conditions.
  • Provides for the best all-around fuel management system especially for heavily modified engines.
  • – Cons

  • More complicated install
  • You have to permanently add components to the bike which add additional points of failure to the system.
  • Expensive….costs about $850
  • Purchase at DennisKirk.com

    Vance & Hines FP3

    – Pros

  • Plug and play. Easy install.
  • Easy to manage through phone app
  • Changes MAP inside ECM. No extra components need to be added to the bike. So no additional component to fail. However real-time interfacing with your phone does require unit to stay installed on bike.
  • There is a feature called “autotune” that is not what it sounds like. Autotune describes a monitoring process that lets the system develop a custom MAP specific to the owner’s bike.
  • Relatively inexpensive…costs about $360
  • – Cons

  • Once the custom MAP created by autotune is established it is downloaded to the ECM as a static MAP and it runs the bike from then on even if the unit is removed from the bike. Since it is in the end a static MAP the engine generally runs well through the spectrum of conditions the bike will normally encounter. However, it is never optimized to any specific altitude or atmospheric conditions.
  • Purchase at DennisKirk.com

    Cobra FI2000 (Autotune)

    – Pros

  • Continuous dynamic real time tuning. No fixed MAPs are ever installed.
  • Proper air/fuel ratios are experienced at all times regardless of altitude and atmospheric conditions except at extreme ranges.
  • Best for stock and lightly modified bikes. Generally used for stage 1 setups
  • Cost about $500
  • – Cons

  • Moderate effort to install
  • Extra electrical component permanently interfaced to the ECM. Offers an additional chance for component failure while on the road.
  • Works with stock narrow band oxygen sensors which somewhat restrict the range within which the system operates. Meaning there are times the real time tuning reaches the limits of the system controlled by the oxygen sensors.
  • Purchase at DennisKirk.com

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