Harley Inner Fairing Removal: Part 1

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Duration: 11:08

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1996 – 2013 Harley Inner Fairing Removal

Removing the Harley inner fairing on an FLHTC is a complex process. It is a good idea to have a factory service manual and a plan of action before attempting this job. It is also important to set aside an adequate amount of time to start and complete the disassembly. Don’t jump into a task like this unprepared.

Ensure Everything Works

Disassembly is easier with the fuel tank removed. However, removing the fuel tank is not completely necessary to remove the Harley inner fairing. Check for correct function of all electrical before starting, including all gauge lighting, indicator lights/bulbs, radio functions and all left and right side switch functions. If everything is functioning correctly before disassembly, it should still be working correctly upon completion of the job. On the other hand, if a gauge bulb is blown or an indicator is not functioning, correct the issue during this repair or upgrade.

Remove Bulky Parts

Start by covering the front fender and fuel tank with a soft towel or blanket and disconnect the battery ground. It may be preferable to get the passing lamps out of the way at this time. If so, cut the two tie-wraps that secure the passing lamp harness to the lower tree. Remove the passing lamp hardware and carefully rest the assembly on the front fender until it can be unplugged and set aside.

Getting Close

Loosen the three screws that hold the windshield and remove the four mid and lower screws. Now carefully remove the three, upper, windshield screws while keeping a hand on,both, the outer fairing and windshield. Set the windshield aside. Move the outer fairing forward, slightly. Unplug the headlight and set the outer fairing aside in a safe location. Inspect the fairing and speaker brackets. It is common for these brackets to crack and break. Replace them upon reassembly if they have broken.

Make Notes

Now is the time to take a few photos and begin labeling anything unfamiliar inside the Harley inner fairing. Then remove the ignition switch knob and lower bezel. Unplug the radio harness and antenna. Cables and gauges will be next.

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