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Harley Inner Fairing Removal: Part 2

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1996 – 2013 Harley Inner Fairing

We are moving along with our Harley inner fairing removal on this touring model;
Photos have been taken, notes and labels have been made.

Passing lamps can now be removed if they have not already. Remove the fastening hardware, cut the tie wraps that secure the harness to the lower tree, unplug the passing lamps and set them aside.

Remove the left and right side speaker brackets and the speakers. It is very important to note speaker and speaker bracket hardware locations. The two top speaker screws are longer than the, one, bottom screw. Do not mix these up. If one of the longer screws is installed in the lower location, the screw will puncture a hole through the inner fairing.

The lower, chrome trim piece can now be removed.

Clutch Cable and Throttle Cables(if not TBW)

Slacken the clutch, throttle and idle cables. If the motorcycle is throttle by wire, you have a little less to do here. Remove the clutch cable from the clutch perch and remove the clutch lever. Snake the clutch cable through the hole in the inner fairing and lay it out of the way for now. Release the throttle cables from either the right side switch housing or from the throttle body and snake the throttle cables out of the inner fairing. Let the cables rest out of the way for now.


Now, the gauges can be unplugged and removed from the Harley inner fairing. Set them aside in a clean, safe location. Unplug and remove the DC power outlet. AKA, the cigarette lighter.
Disconnect the indicator light assembly. Make sure that there are not any tie-wraps still securing anything in place.

Work It Out Slow

Finally, there are four screws that are still retaining the Harley inner fairing to the fairing brackets. Remove these four screws. Remove the inner fairing by working it up and away from the fairing brackets and the upper and lower trees. Send it out for paint and we’ll show you how to re-install it.

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