Hollister Rally CA – It’s a Lifestyle

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Update: July 2013 the City of Hollister marked the comeback of the Hollister Rally. Sounds like it went well and the Hollister City Council has signed a 10-year agreement to host the rally every July. Game on – Ride & Rock On.

We have been to almost every Harley-Davidson rally in this great country and wanted to share one that almost slipped into history. Hollister, California; the birthplace of the American Biker.

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  1. L Rican
    L Rican

    The iconic biker flick “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando & Lee Marvin, was loosely based on 2 real California motorcycle clubs of the day having a big clash in the small town of Hollister, CA. Brando portrayed 13 Rebels leader Shell Thuet, while Lee Marvin’s character “Chino” was based on “Wino Willie” Forkner of The Boozefighters. *Note that on Brando’s leather jacket, the B in Black Rebels is not connected , so it’s actually a 13 (paying tribute to the 13 Rebels MC ) ; also the names Chino & Wino were obviously similar showing respect to The Boozefighters MC. Fact is– the clubs were not rivals (although “Wino Willie” was an ex-member of the 13 Rebels—but left due to rowdy behavior ; ) and the Hollister incident happened but not quite to the extent that LIFE magazine or The Wild One portrayed it. Yeah, some guys drank too much and drag raced a little, and maybe some cops showed up– it happens and it made for a great movie and an iconic time in motorcycle history. Great to know these 2 historical MC’s are still around and still great friends!!