How to Grease a Bearing

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Duration: 8:47

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In this video we will show you how to grease a bearing. A new front end or set of trees, will not ship from the manufacturer with neck bearings already lubricated and installed. It is up to the builder, or mechanic to see that the neck bearings are, both, lubricated and pressed on correctly.

A dust shield needs to be in place on the outer end of each neck bearing. The dust shield has a very important job. It not only “shields” the bearing from moisture and dirt; but it also aids in holding the grease in and on the bearing.

There are a number of ways how to grease a bearing. Bearings are most commonly packed by hand or with a bearing/grease packer. There is no wrong way to pack a bearing, so long as the bearing gets thoroughly coated.

There are many varieties of grease available. The grease for a Harley Davidson neck bearing should be a high pressure grease that is not dyed a bold color, like red, blue, or green. Greases like these tend to stain powder coated or painted surfaces and should be avoided.

A motorcycle front end not only needs to be correctly adjusted, but also properly lubricated in order for proper function and for bearing longevity.

Bob gives us a quick demonstration on how to grease a bearing. He slides the lower dust shield down, over the neck stem. Then, it’s on to the press to press the bearing onto the base of the neck stem.