JIMS Fork Filling Tool

Duration: 2:41

In this video, Bob introduces one of his shop’s new, favorite tools. The JIMS Fork Filling Tool #740.

Save Time

What makes this tool so valuable, is the labor time it will save you when performing a fork fluid change on a touring model Harley Davidson. Changing the fork fluid on models with fairings can be intimidating and take hours. This tool will eliminate the need to remove the fairing, or nacelle on touring models when changing fork oil. It’s like magic. With this tool it should take about 30 minutes to perform the service compared to 2.2 hours.

Easy To Use

To fill the fork assembly, simply insert the tapered fitting into the drain hole and create a vacuum using a standard Mityvac hand pump. Once you reach approximately 23 lbs. of vacuum pressure, rotate the valve and instantly the vacuum will draw the pre-measured amount of fork fluid into the fork tube. This tool is designed to be used in conjunction with a Mityvac tool (#741) which is available separately.

When planning your next fork oil change, consider this new, convenient JIMS fork filling tool. Spend more of your time riding, and less time wrenching.

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4 Responses to “JIMS Fork Filling Tool”
  1. Glenn

    In the video How In the world can the vacuum Push the fork oil in the lower slider tube…..don’t you mean pressure Not Vacuum ?