Sportster Handlebars, Seat, Battery, Tank Removal

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Duration: 49:38

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Tommy is eager to take off the Sportster handlebars, seat, tank and more. Before picking up any tools, it is important to begin with a service manual and a plan. Don’t just start off by tearing down areas at random. Develop a plan of action. Make lists of parts that will be needed, parts that will be chromed or powder coated, and parts that will potentially be sold to recoup the project cost.

As areas of the motorcycle are disassembled, lay parts out neatly on a bench or table. Label parts and write notes as reminders or for reference during reassembly. It is always a good idea to put hardware back in its original locations whenever possible. Even if the hardware is to be replaced, it is important to keep organized for future reference of pitch or length.

Tommy begins this Sportster project by removing the seat and battery cover. The battery cables are disconnected (ground cable first) and the battery is removed from the motorcycle. The horn will be relocated to the front of the motorcycle. It is removed and set aside on a clean, safe bench for now.

Before removing the Sportster fuel tank, the fuel line is pulled off of the petcock (you may have a vacuum line to deal with as well), the overflow tube is removed from the right side of the tank, and the front and rear through bolts are removed. The fuel tank is then carefully lifted off of the frame’s backbone and set aside in a safe location. You can turn your Sportster handlebars to the side for easier removal. Don’t ding up your parts. You can resell if not reusing.

Next, Tommy removes mirrors and the speedometer. If the speedometer is to be replaced, it is important that mileage is documented for future reference. The Sportster handlebars riser cover plates are separated and removed to expose all of the Sportster handlebars wiring, plugs, and connections.

The clutch cable and clutch lever are removed from the left side clutch perch. The perch is then removed along with the left side switch housings and left side grip. On the right side; throttle cables are slackened and pulled from the lower switch housing. Depending on your skill level, it can be easier to remove the cables while still in their perch on the Sportster handlebars.

The front brake line is broken loose from the front master cylinder and the front master removed. Finally the right side switch housings and throttle grip is removed.

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