Stripping Motorcycle Tips

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Duration: 13:24

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We are getting closer to having the Twin Cam Softail stripped down to it’s bare frame. As Bob moves forward, there are a few important stripping motorcycle tips that remain constant:

Take pictures – A couple of seconds it will take you to snap a quick photo may save you hours of aggravation upon reassembly. A picture is usually your best reference to keep you on track, during reassembly.


Using scotch tape for labeling is also helpful. Especially for identifying areas of your wiring harness.


Remove components as complete assemblies when stripping motorcycle: Keep components together as sub-assemblies. This not only makes re assembly quicker/easier, but it also helps to avoid confusion. For instance, if your longer spark plug wire is left in the bottom allotment of the coil; There will be no confusion as to which coil post feeds the front/rear cylinders.


Put hardware back – after dismantling an area of your motorcycle, take the time to put hardware back into its original locations. Using the wrong bolt/screw in the wrong component can prove to be dangerous, expensive, or both.

Hardware Board

If you have hardware that, for some reason, can not be returned to its original location when stripping motorcycle, take the time to make a hardware board out of cardboard or foam. Label the hardware on the hardware board.

Don’t be overly anxious when you are strippring motorcycle. Disassembly will, typically take less time than assembly, but proper disassembly is equally important. Taking extra time to snap photos and label will not only save you time and aggravation, it will make the overall experience more enjoyable.