Welcome to Fix My Hog Site Review

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Fix My Hog started in 2004 selling DVDs to riders that wanted to know more about their Harley. Today we are still passionate about sharing over 35 years of Harley wrenching experience with our viewers. We continue to produce DVDs and we added our online video platform that hosts all of our great videos in one place. We noticed that as we grew and added more information to our website that our customer service team were getting more questions about how to find videos on the site. We put this video together to show visitors how we categorize the site, the different options on how to use the site and how to search the site. Watch the video and take us for a test ride. I’m sure you will find plenty of information via videos, articles and tech Q&A for your Harley.

Here’s a Video on How To Search Fix My Hog

Here’s a Video on the Member Log In Procedure

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20 Responses to “Welcome to Fix My Hog Site Review”
  1. william

    Hello, you can call me bill, I own a 1986 FLHTC,
    Although the videos are very helpfull for most!
    I haven’t noticed any videos for earlier models such as my 1986 flhtc. I would feel better about being a member if I could get access to videos, and info, and ideas! That are more spicific to my 1986
    I think it may be a good idea for members to be able to add the year, make, and model of their harley davidson, and the site could offer the spicific info, videos, and tech support? If this is already offered?
    Then I’m having a navigation issue. A response, or any type of feed back would be awesome!

  2. David

    Hi, I own a 2016 FLSTC and can’t find anything on removing the rear shocks or the front forks. Both items are a bit different to the usual run of the mill. Do I have to take off the headlight to remove front chrome shroud etc??? Cheers, David.

  3. Donald E Clark

    Please close my account now (12-14-16). Fix My hog has helped me in the past but I have no further use for the sight

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Donald. Please contact us at 1-855-231-0653; our Customer Service Team would be happy to assist you with your account.

  4. Roberto

    If you value your payment information, I would seriously discourage anyone from purchasing a membership to Fix My Hog. I cancelled my membership and the company continues to charge my credit card. It is extremely difficult to find how to cancel as anyone can see. I think this reflects on the business and I find this practice highly unethical!!! VERY DISPLEASED!!!!

    • Customer Service

      Hi, Roberto. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Here at FMH, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact us at 1-855-253-0822; our Customer Service Team would be happy to sort this issue out with you.

  5. DavidLMEmbree

    Ticket 18135 I am having issues with my 91 FLHTCU brake lights, turn signals, tach, cruise control, radio, CB not working… one suggestion is to replace the Accessory Fuse… my question is… Where is the Accessory Fuse located at?

  6. mstover8337

    I have a 2003 road king classic got problems one is had bad gas do to running on one bank sometimes solve it for two days and it came back and the ather problem is low idle stall but the low stall my have Ben there hard to tell with it running on one bank I think it my be a lintake gas kit do to it heating up and leaking I tried to Use the tri butten engine light comes on when it starts to run on one bank

  7. mstover8337

    My 03 road king flhrci got a cylinder sometimes cuts out fuel injection problem and and at times low stall idle I have not heard back from fix my hog yet woo like to fix my bike


    Will shocks off a 2011 883 iron fit a 2003 ANNIVERSARY CUSTOM SPORTSTER

  9. Mark Graham

    I have a 2012 Road Glide with the 103 engine want to put a 777 Woods cam in it questionnaires just put the camera in it and nothing else

    • Customer Service

      Hey Mark!

      Would you be able to clarify your question for us? Then I will send this off to the experts!


      Fix My Hog Video Membership

  10. James Castle

    On a 2014 Electra glide ultra limited when changing handlebars do you have to take the wires out of the plugin to complete the job or will the go thru the handlebars with no problems