• FMH LIVE! Nate Beck interviews Dave Perewitz

    Join Fix My Hog as we chat with Dave Perewitz at 11am EST/10am CST on April 23rd for the live event about his beginnings in the custom motorcycle industry under Arlen Ness, his expansion into the mastery of every aspect of motorcycle building, and what is new from Perewitz Cycle Fabrication. Since the mid-1970s, Dave…

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  • FMH LIVE! Nate Beck interviews 2 Lane Life

    Nate Beck interviews Gaylin Anderson and Lance Coury of 2LaneLife. Watch as they talk about their travels on the road and the dream motorcycling experience. Stop by 2LaneLife for more videos and Blog posts.

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  • FMH LIVE! A Conversation about Chopper Builds with Nate Beck

    Founder of Fix My Hog, Dennis Santopietro, and Nate Beck to have a conversation about chopper builds. Related Links: Chopper/Vintage Bike Buyers Guide Ride and Rally: A Choppy Ride Check Out Nate’s shop and cool products at Fifth Street Customs Get ready by sending in any questions you have for the experts in the chatbox…

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  • 37:48

    FMH LIVE: Carburetors!

    Carburetors… We either love em or hate em, right? Well, there’s a mountain of benefits to having your carburetor correctly jetted, tuned and dialed in for optimal performance on your hog and it all starts with knowing what to do and look for on them. Watch as Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal grabs the wrenches and tears through a 2000 HD XLC OEM carburetor.

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  • 58:26

    FMH LIVE: Powder Coating Prep and Installing Fork Boots & Seals

    Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal reviews powder coating tips and tricks as we move forward with our Café Racer Build. He also demonstrates how to install new fork boots and seals. Make sure to check it out.

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  • 1:01:12

    FMH LIVE: Wiring

    Do those wires have your head spinning? Watch Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal in this FMH LIVE as he goes through a 2000 HD 883XL wire loom. If you’re looking at eliminating, adding or modifying parts on your bike or simply just want to hide the bulky wires, then this is a must watch!

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  • 56:48

    FMH LIVE: 2019 Street Glide Review

    Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal rolled through a brand new 2019 Street Glide. He showed the slick new infotainment Boom GTS with its advanced functions, advanced navigation, and Apple CarPlay. He’s had more time to play with it since the last FMH LIVE and fined tuned his skills on many of the functions.

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  • 54:39

    FMH LIVE: HD Stereo System

    This month, Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal snagged a 2019 Street Glide(55 miles on it) to demonstrate, fumble and discuss many elements of the Boom GTS. Learn along with Tommy on how to properly program your stereo via Bluetooth (no PC required), plug and play harnesses, and discuss frequency response, and sound processor.

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  • 1:01:27

    FMH LIVE: Benchtop Demo’s

    Thank you Tommy ‘Clutch’ Creal for presenting some benchtop demo’s and disassembles. He got through several topics; braking system, starter rebuild/components, EFI/carburetors, ignition coils and make sure to click on the links here after you watch Tommy for in-depth step by step videos and articles.

    Make sure to share your Hog with us on Instagram #ShareFMH

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