CD in Radio Won’t Eject

Question for Fix My Hog 2012 Road Glide Ultra, CD in radio won’t eject. Any suggestions.

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  1. Dan Danser
    Dan Danser

    Is there a video showing how to remove the radio from a 09 harley touring model. I find everything but removing a stock radio.

  2. John Tabone
    John Tabone

    I have a Rogue chopper total oil change system and have used it successfully on my 2007 Softail Custom. Now have two 2016 Fatboy S’s and it was difficult to get the oil return line back into the oil tank on the one bike. The end of the chrome tube is about 1/8″ off centre of the hole. Seems it needs to be bent a little more down so that the tube can be pushed back in easily. I am thinking of removing the tube top and bottom and bending it slightly downwards, but will need to purchase the bottom end removal tool. Do you think this will work? And can I purchase a tool from you? On the other Fatboy, it was less of an issue.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi John. We honestly feel that this “total oil change” is a waste of time. Would be better off just changing your oil more frequently.
      Recently had a customer who did this type of oil change. He accidentally pushed one of the oil line o-rings into the oil tank without realizing. We found it in the oil pump.

  3. mike richards
    mike richards

    i have an `89 ultra glide…have the basic bike mechanics of an 89 evo greatly changed to present date….so if i join up will everything for the most part work for my bike…i think yes it will….do you have special sections for the older bikes in case i buy a shovel or a panhead…good site…good detail nice and slow… just right for the wanna be harley garage mechanic….thankyou newmarket ont canada

    • Dennis Santopietro
      Dennis Santopietro

      Hi Mike, we have several Evo videos to help you along the way. We do not have any earlier years at this time. Thank you for your kind words. Wrench Safe!

  4. John

    Most Cd players have a small hole on the face side that you can take a paper clip straiten it out and insert in the hole to manual eject the cd. if the cd player works but does not eject the plastic gears have been damaged.