Harley Fairing Removal

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Removal of your outer Harley fairing should not be an intimidating procedure, as Bob shows us in this video. Although not difficult to remove, you will need to focus, be patient, and have another set of hands nearby to aid in disassembly.

Remove Hardware

You will begin by removing the left and right side passing lamps. After removing the passing lamp hardware, you will unplug each lamp and set aside in a clean, safe location. Next, remove the four screws that are located in the inner Harley fairing. There are two on the left and two on the right side. Two upper and two lower. It is very important to note hardware size and location. Here you will see that the upper screws are longer than the lower. As always Bob recommends that the hardware be labeled, or marked if there is a chance for any possible confusion.

Work Safe

Now, you will move to the front of the motorcycle. This is an important time to have a second set of hands prepared to help. Begin loosening and removing the three screws on the top of the outer Harley fairing. Again, noting lengths and locations. When the hardware is removed, have your helper safely remove the windshield and set it in a safe location. Now you can carefully lay the fairing back and have your second set of hands unplug the headlight. With the outer fairing detached from the motorcycle, store it away from your work area where it can not be harmed. With the outer fairing removed, it is a good time to inspect and clean. It should not be often that you are in this compartment.

Slow and Steady

Removing your outer fairing is necessary to reach a number of components on your motorcycle. Take your time. Be patient. Always have someone to help with the removal. You will see that it is not the daunting task you may have expected it to be.

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