Front End Shakes

Question for Fix My Hog My front end starts to shake when I hit exactly 40 mph. Not one mile less or more will this happen, I keep my tire pressure at Harley standards. Can you help?

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Fix My Hog Answers Check tire conditions. Make sure your tire is not crowned. You may have a bad wheel bearing. Pull wheel and inspect bearings. Check your neck adjustment it may be loose.

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12 Responses to “Front End Shakes”
  1. Dale

    If he has wire wheels are they runnng true? Also are his wheel & tire assy’s balanced?

  2. mike

    Since it had about 2000 miles on it my 2000 wide glide will shake the handlebars if I hit a bump when I am in a turn. The bad thing about that is it doesn’t want to stay in the path I started through the turn. It tries to head for the shoulder on a left turn, or cross the yellow line on a right turn. I have to clamp the brakes and put some serious arm power on the handlebars.

    It has been to two different Harley dealers with only minimal help. The first dealer replaced the bearings in the rear suspension. The second dealer did full work up on the front forks and replaced the bearings there. Now with 85000 mile it is no worse than when new. I have noticed one thing that might contribute. When I go over a large dip in the road, it feels as if the right rear suspension goes down farther than the right. That would indicate the right spring or shock is weaker than the left. You could blame the shocks for being old but that happened when new!

    I think I still have the paperwork. I even sent a letter to corporate Harley complaining about it and the dealers were still charging me the deductible I had on the warranty. Didn’t seem right to charge me the deductible again when they didn’t fix it the first time.

  3. Terry Pevehouse
    Terry Pevehouse

    Several years ago I experienced a similar problem with my ’05 DWG. I was traveling so took it to the local dlrshp. They said the spokes needed tightening then balanced the wheel. It helped but didn’t resolve the problem. When I got home I took it to our local dealer and they found the steering head nut was loose. During one of the maintenance checks someone had forgotten to bend the tab against the nut. After that I had it checked at each servicing and haven’t had any more problems.

  4. KV TEX
    KV TEX

    I bought a used 2007 FXSC several years ago. It had at had a front end wobble at 40 mph and when breaking. We, the local HD and I assumed the standard obvious, worn tires loose fork beatings, loose/ out of round front wheel but none of these were the problem. I even had the front wheel changed. The problem turned out to be a bad front wheel bearing, and ofcourse we changed both front wheel bearings……. Problem solved!

  5. Tony Aguilar
    Tony Aguilar

    I have a 2007 Dyna Custom and when I ride it for several miles, I’ll let it sit for a few minutes and then it won’t start. It will just turn the engine a few times. I have the wait a few minutes longer; then it will start just fine and back on the road she goes.

    I’ve already done a tune up, replaced the engine temp. Sensor.

    Any suggestions ?

  6. BOB

    Ticket 22076 I have a 2015 ultra limited low do you have a video on steering head bearing adjustment