Harley Cold Start

Q: I have a Harley cold start problem with the used 2008 Road Glide that I bought. When I start it up in the morning it starts right up and goes to 2000 rpms. Then almost immediately drops to around 1000 rpms. Seems like it is almost going to stall out, but it doesn’t, and then it goes back up to about 1500 rpms. Is it something to do with the TPS? When it’s idling while it’s in gear it idles at about 1000 rpms and vibrates the heck out of everything. I want it to idle smoothly and at a higher rpm. Michael B

A: Check your speedo for codes. There is a good chance that you have a bad throttle position sensor, idle air control sensor, maybe even engine temp or map sensor. Would be nice if you could get your computer to tell you before spending $. Also, you should check for an intake leak.
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  1. Surrec15sill

    I have a Harley 03 FXSTS cold start problem. I bought it used, it has performance upgrades, Anderson cam, screamin eagle heads and pipes, S&S super G carb. I had a kit put in carb. new plugs and wires and coil. Don’t think it is fire problem. Really hard starting, now has clug noise in starter. I have to get on accelerator pump alot to get it started then does fine, sounds really good. Probably going to need starter soon. But I think it is a fuel problem. Thanks James J

  2. David McGrath
    David McGrath

    I have a 2003 fxst and just started my bike up this morning and herd a loud bang clunk from the starter and the starter is new along with the clutch not sure what’s up .. Looking for some help thanx

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, David. Consider removing your outer primary cover and inspecting the starter ring gear on your clutch basket.
      If the gear is excessively worn, you will not have a good, locking, engagement.

  3. Phil Scasserra
    Phil Scasserra

    08 Ultra Classic, extremely high rpm (5K) intermittently on mid temp starts. Replaced Throttle harness,TMAP, temp sensor, completed service bulletin for harness into induction module. Moco just scratching their head. Changing induction mudule ($500). First year of fly by wire is a dog!

  4. Errold Glew
    Errold Glew

    Hi-011 RGU will not start unless I enter dismiss pin code & then starts one time only after shutdown & will not restart. Manual seems to lead me to a module-?- any help appreciated.

  5. Ben Burkhart
    Ben Burkhart

    Hi guys, I have a 2002 roadglide and when i turn on the bike ignition the engine light comes on and turns off within seconds then it comes on again and stays on twice as long and turns off and every once and awhile it will come on while riding and goes off again I’ve done the code check and all ten are clear any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

  6. Greg

    Bike starts and idles fine when the motor gets hot after a fairly good ride it idles tough at all the lights, like it wants to stall and then it does. 2007 Ultra Any help would be great