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Harley Will Not Shift

Good day. I have a 1980 FLH That has been running great until it was parked for two weeks and then went I took it out I could hardly shift it. I actually had to force it in gear when up shifting. Now down shifting seemed to be easier… Read More

Barnett Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Barnett Tool & Engineering is proud to announce that 2018 will be our 70th year in business in the motorcycle industry! Charlie Barnett first started in his garage making parts for his riding buddies. He knew he could make better parts for motorcycles than what was being offered and spare… Read More

Clutch Jam Nut Stuck

First I would like to say your videos are top notch they have help me in many of ways. I do have a problem, I want to replace the clutch cable on my 2008 Road King but I can not loosen the clutch jam nut behind the derby cover. Read More

FMH GOLD LIVE: Clutch Review

Bob LaRosa reviews and demos both wet and dry clutches. He discusses clutch design changes throughout the years along with proper maintenance and adjustment. THIS EVENT IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR FMH GOLD MEMBERS Log in now to view the event or become a Gold Member today by clicking… Read More

Softail Clutch

How do you fix clutch in 1996 Softail? Via Email The repair procedure will depend on what is damaged or what needs to be replaced. You wil ave to open the bike up. Make to to watch all the videos we have on the topic. Related Fix My… Read More

Slipping Clutch

I just adjusted my clutch and I noticed that I find neutral easier but sometimes it shifts nice and sometimes I have a hard time getting it to shift. I noticed sometime when I go hard on the throttle the engine racing but not the bike? Via Email… Read More

Sticking Clutch

I have a problem with the clutch. When the bike is off, but in gear, I squeeze and hold the clutch lever in but the bike doesn’t roll because of gear is on and squeezing clutch lever doesn’t make a difference. When the bike is on everything seems to… Read More

Clutch Pack Replacement

What is the best clutch to replace stock clutch and what is the item that goes on clutch to make it softer? Via Email We have used and found Barnett to be the best. A lock-up plate and high efficiency cables will help reduce lever pull. Related… Read More

Adjust Your Clutch Every 5000 Miles?

I know the manual says to adjust your clutch every 5000 miles but if it is working fine is this necessary? My shifts are fine and finding neutral is not a problem. Via Email Although your clutch may be functioning correctly, adjusting it according to your specified maintenance… Read More

Adjust Clutch Pack

I would like to know what lube you used for pivot points that’s in the spray can and also what type of anti seize for the spark plugs and also what to lubricate clutch cable with please and do I need to adjust clutch pack at every service. Via… Read More