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Pushrod Covers Don’t Slide Up

Paul would like to know: Going to change cams lifters and pushrods but when I pulled the clips off for pushrod covers they do not slide up. Are they supposed to slide up after pulling the clip out or do I have to do something to free them up or they just stuck and need…

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95 Inch

What videos do you have that are for that Dyna and I am punching it out to 95 and I am putting in a hydraulic cam chain tensioner and cams. Via Email You will find what you need in the Softail/Dyna categories. We have the engine tear down videos and rebuild videos. We have a…

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Frozen Spark Plug

I have a frozen spark plug on my RK and would like to know how you as a pro would approach it without taking the head off and re-threading. Do you think the Timesert tools and insert would be the best way to save the head. Thanks in advance. Via Email If your spark plug…

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Winter Projects

Hi, first off I love this website and all the work you guys do, it really takes a lot of the guess work out of doing your own maintenance. I have two questions as I am currently in the middle of some winter time maintenance and modifications. 1. Is it imperative that I disconnect the…

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ForceFlow Install Issue

I bought a Jims forceflow number 5401. I can’t get the bracket on the bottom to adjust enough to clear the shift linkage rod. Any ideas on what to do? I’ve look at your video many times and thought it would be an easy job. Any info would be nice. Via Email If the length…

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How To Set Evo Timing

1987 Make HD Model FXSTC Hog Questions: How do you set the timing on a 1987 FXST Harley Davidson 1340 Via Email To set with a timing light: Remove the crankcase timing plug and expose the timing hole. Install a clear plastic timing hole plug to prevent oil splash. Connect the positive terminal of an…

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