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Harley Throttle Control

2009 Harley Ultra Classic w/25K no past problems in the past, but on 07-12-14. I had a problem with what I found out and is called “Limp Mode”! no throttle response at all other than running at idle. Error codes I found on the bike were; P1511 & P2135. all having to do with the…

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Handlebar Controls Wiring

I am wondering if you could help, I am upgrading my 1993 FLHS handlebar controls wiring to 1996 handlebar controls. The wires are a different color could you let me know what colors my 1993 would connect to on the 1996 so they would work correctly. There are also 7 wires on the 1993 and…

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Harley Air Suspension

Hello, I love reading your articles. I was wondering if you have any information regarding what to do when replacing handlebars. I have a 1995 FLHTCUI that I converted from EFI to Mikuni carb and also replaced my stock handlebars to 14 inch apes. Upon removing the stock handle bar, I saw the air valve…

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Throttle Body Assembly

Any ideas on how to fix my throttle by wire issues on a 10 Street Glide? When you turn the key and hit the run position it goes click click click real loud, now the C.E.L is on all the connections at the unit and ECU are good, I disconnected the power commander and the…

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Factory Grips

Q: On a 2008 SG is there a trick to changing out the factory grips? I have put new grips on used the manual step by step but it keeps stalling and losing power, if I smack the end of the grip it gives me my throttle back. This cannot be that hard to do…

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