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How To Use the Fix My Hog Website

We posted this video to help you navigate Fix My Hog and find what you need. Please watch it and let us know what you think about our site and videos. We also posted How To Search Fix My Hog and Member Log In Procedure videos to help you enjoy Fix My Hog and find… Read more »

How to Install a Starter on a Motorcycle

Starter Repair

Do you have a video on removing and repair of the starter on a 2009 Ultra Classic? Every 4th or 5th start it produces a grinding noise, like the sprocket is not engaging properly. Via Email Your starter clutch & gear are one piece on your year starter. Plan on replacing but not without inspection… Read more »

Replacing the Front Caliper Pad on a Motorcycle - Brembo

Bleeding ABS Brakes

I have about 2015 Street Glide special with ABS brakes. I purchased chrome front and rear brake lines and I’m looking to install them and I was told that there’s a special procedure to bleed the brakes. I’m looking for a video or something I can do at my home without bringing the bike to… Read more »


Show Me Basic Service Processes

I’m looking over your DVD / video offerings. I did purchase the one for the 2006 Sportster that I owed. Its great info but what I’m looking for is something that will show me the basic service processes on my new 2016 Ultra Limited. I’m not a mechanic. I am certainly able to learn but… Read more »

HD Motorcycle Battery Test Pre-Service

Barely Starts

I have a 2014 FatBoy. Having trouble starting it up not sure if it’s the battery or what is going on? One day it will start right up the next day it acts like the battery is low. Slowly cranks up and barely starts it. On the gauge it says in the low range with… Read more »

Harley Forward Controls, Shift Lever Removal & Upgrade

Heel Toe Shifter

I have a heel-toe shifter it seams to have a bit more play in it than normal. I have to put my foot on both shifters to up-shift, the downshift seams normal. I am also having a hard time getting videos for my 1991 Fat Boy the videos show me newer Soft tails. What am… Read more »

Custom Exhaust Installation

Do Heat Shields Help

I have a 2011 Softail it gets very hot. Do heat shields help or work? Via Email There are a few different things you can do to get your m/c running cooler. These bikes are tuned lean from the factory in order to be compliant with EPA standards. A tuner can help you obtain a… Read more »

Replacing the Front Caliper Pad on a Motorcycle - Brembo

Brembo Upgrade

Hi there, Is it possible to install Brembo brakes on the front of my 1997 Road King? Via Email It is not impossible, but they definitely will not just bolt on. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check out our Q&A index page to find some answers.

Overview of the Harley Davidson Fuse Box

Loose Wire on Fuse Block

How to repair loose wire on fuse block? Via Email Remove the connector from the fuse block. See if it can be saved/repaired. Otherwise, we would suggest purchasing the correct OEM spade connector(s) from the dealer. Your objective should be to return the fuse box back to its original form. Related Fix My Hog Videos:… Read more »

Harley Top End Removal

Oil Light Flickers

At low idle oil light flickers, what could be the problem? (62000 miles) Via Email If your motor has never been freshened up; oil light coming on at 62k would be a good excuse to do so. Typically, what you are describing happens when your oil level is low. Related Fix My Hog Videos:… Read more »