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How To Use the Fix My Hog Website

We posted this video to help you navigate Fix My Hog and find what you need. Please watch it and let us know what you think about our site and videos. We also posted How To Search Fix My Hog and Member Log In Procedure videos to help you enjoy Fix My Hog and find… Read more »

harley wobble

Harley Wobble

Do you know anything about correcting the Harley wobble in my 2012 Road King. Between 90-100 and in a curve, I get a wild wobble. Do you have any tips on this? – Ken I have a 1999 Road King and my bike wobbles. I installed a engine stabilizer on it, motor mounts did not… Read more »

Harley Gasket Review - James Gaskets | Fix My Hog

Gaskets and Seals

I’m converting my Harley into a trike. I watched your video on how to replace a belt on a softail. I know with my mechanical ability and your video + shop manual I can do it! I’ve been in a wheel chair for the past 3+ years. 8 knee replacements in 6+ years on right… Read more »

Tip on Pulling Wires Through Handlebars

Non-Warranty Upgrades

I am thinking about becoming a member but my bike is under warranty so I can’t really go into motor. What I would like to know is do you have video on how to install driving lights /handle bars and other things on a 2014 street glide? Via Email We have loads of videos to… Read more »

Road King Nacelle, Headlamp, and Passing Lamp Assembly

Back To Bulbs

I changed the headlamp along w/ some other cosmetic bits. Here is what I need help with…The previous owner removed all the turn signals (yes a nice clean look) but I want to put back aftermarket signals (not led). He cut the wires real short and pushed them up the housings. I want to relocate… Read more »

Sportster Clutch Spring, Pressure, Steel, and Friction Plate Removal

Slipping Clutch

I just adjusted my clutch and I noticed that I find neutral easier but sometimes it shifts nice and sometimes I have a hard time getting it to shift. I noticed sometime when I go hard on the throttle the engine racing but not the bike? Via Email Sounds like your clutch is slipping. We… Read more »

Harley Starter Clutch Problems

Ultra Starting Issues

2007 Harley Ultra classic. It seems to have a good strong battery and I hear the starter clicking, but nothing happens. No motor turn, no nothing, just tick……tick……tick……tick and it’s not fast like in a car where it’s tick tick tick tick. I’m not sure what it should sound like and where to look next…. Read more »

Harley Fall Away Adjustment & Steering Head Bearings Lube

Pulling to One Side

I don’t want to go into this in a big way, because it’s a question that could dig up a huge can of worms and you won’t have time for that! Could you please briefly advise me if it is considered ‘normal’ for a correctly adjusted and aligned big twin to veer to the left… Read more »

Overview of the Harley Davidson Fuse Box

Battery or Fuse

2013 Sportster Seventy-Two recently I replaced the battery due to the previous one being dead and not holding a charge. However now after the new battery is installed when I hit the ignition nothing happens. The lights are on and there is no do dimming or any of the other signs of a dead battery… Read more »

Removal of Front Master Cylinder

How do I take off a front master cylinder from my 2007 Harley FLHX? Via Email First, loosen and remove the banjo bolt & brake line. Pull, slightly, on the brake lever and insert a small shim that will hold the lever slightly depressed. **this is very important. Avoids the possibility of breaking the front… Read more »