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How To Use the Fix My Hog Website

We posted this video to help you navigate Fix My Hog and find what you need. Please watch it and let us know what you think about our site and videos. We also posted How To Search Fix My Hog and Member Log In Procedure videos to help you enjoy Fix My Hog and find… Read more »

Harley Stator and Rotor Shell Replacement

Stator Has 2 Separate Wires

2005 FLHTCU Ultra Classic I have watched you stator r&r but not my year exactly. My replacement stator has 2 separate wires, neither of which is numbered or marked as to their placement into the regulator. So does it matter which way these 2 wires are inserted back into the harness? Thank you in advance…Gary… Read more »

Fuel Gauge Issues

I have been having fuel gauge issues for the past couple of years, and it’s time to tackle them! When my fuel gets to about 3/4 tank, my fuel gauge begins to bobble from full to 1/4 tank (moving back and forth without reason). Once my fuel level gets down to about 1/4 tank, the… Read more »

Spectro Oil

Shocks and Running Hot

I do not have a factory service manual but I have the Clymer manual. It does not have shock pre-load graph or table. I would like to know how many turns on shocks for two up riders, weight total 400 lbs. Via Email How many turns will depend on where the shock is set currently…. Read more »

Cobra Freeway Bars

Engine Guards

How do I install engine guards on my 2014 883 superlow? Via Email Harley Davidson and aftermarket companies offer engine guard assemblies for virtually every year and model. The guards are simple to install but the mounts & brackets differ greatly from model to model. You will need to purchase a kit specific for your… Read more »

Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview

Starter Pinion Gear

I just put a Baker DD6 transmission in my 1999 Night Train. For some reason, the starter pinion gear is now resting against the ring gear on the clutch, and I have no clearance between the two at all. I have the jackshaft bolt torqued to spec, and I’ve checked and rechecked the assembly of… Read more »

Harley Fall Away Adjustment & Steering Head Bearings Lube

Is Fall Away Necessary?

I’m coming up on 25,000 miles and I feel completely comfortable doing everything required for this service except the steering neck bearing adjustment. My question is, is this service really necessary? My bike rides and steers fine and I would hate to tear into this and create a problem that doesn’t exist. What do you… Read more »

Carburetor Jet Kit & Thunderslide

Exhaust Swap Out

I want to put a Rhinehart exhaust on my wife’s Heritage. It’s a 2 into 2 exhaust. Does this require any other work besides a direct swap out? Via Email May want, or need to address carburetor jetting; especially if you have a high flow air cleaner assembly. If the Heritage is EFI you may… Read more »

Molex Connector on Harley

Electrical Connector Issue

I’m trying to remove the tour-pak from my 2015 FLHTK Ultra Limited but have run into a little problem. I’ve got all the electrical connectors separated but I can’t remove the housing for the tail lights. (the housing that the tip of the pen is touching in my pictures or number 4, figure 1 in… Read more »

Harley Primary Oil & Fluid Change

Primary Drain Plug

I’m about to drain my Primary case oil and adjust the chain. My manual says to leave the drain plug approx 4mm protruding from the case. I have a large plug requiring a male torx bit. My bike build date is Sept 2000, I’m assuming it is part of the MY01 release due to no… Read more »