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How To Use the Fix My Hog Website

START HERE! We posted this video to help you navigate Fix My Hog and find what you need. Please watch it and let us know what you think about our site and videos. We also posted How To Search Fix My Hog and Member Log In Procedure videos to help you enjoy Fix My Hog

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harley wobble

Harley Wobble

Do you know anything about correcting the Harley wobble in my 2012 Road King. Between 90-100 and in a curve, I get a wild wobble. Do you have any tips on this? – Ken I have a 1999 Road King and my bike wobbles. I installed a engine stabilizer on it, motor mounts did not

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Crankshaft runout measurement with inner camshaft bearing removal and installation

Upgrade to Gear Driven Cams

2006 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTCI Going to have to do an upgrade on the cam chain tensioner over the winter. Typical upgrade is the hydraulic tensioner, but also noticed that there is an upgrade with a gear driven cam (no chain). Which is better? What are the advantages & disadvantages of either one???? Via Email

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GoPro Harley-Davidson Burnout Video - Sportster

Torque Cones

Hey guys you`ve obviously have a lot of experience. What`s your opinion on exhaust cones or torque cones? Via Email We feel that they are a waste of money and time unless you are experimenting on a Dyno, chasing horsepower. Sometimes they help other times they do not. Related Fix My Hog Videos: 103 Twin

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Harley 4 Piston Caliper Rebuild

Caliper Pliers

I was watching the video on rebuild calipers 4 piston. You used a pliers that had a reverse action to remove the pistons. What is it called and were could I get one? Via Email Search; right angle lock ring pliers. They are offered from a number of tool companies. Related Fix My Hog Videos:

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exhaust diameter

Drag Pipes

Thinking about 1″3/4 drag pipes or LAF pipes. I love the sound and cackle of theses pipes. Don’t have lots of money. What’s your suggestion for the style of bike? I did put a Arlen Ness air cleaner on and a cobra FI 2000. Via Email There is nothing wrong with drag pipes. If you

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Harley overheating


Here is where I am with a “Hog” I had a 2003 Springer. Flywheels shifted. It was a rebuild. Traded it in for a 2010 Heritage, well balanced bike love it. Went for its oil change. I got to have another engine rebuild. Why? Flywheels… My buddy 2014 Street glide same thing! What’s Harley doing

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How to bleed brakes on a Harley

Remove and Repair the Front Master Cylinder

How do I remove and repair the front master cylinder on FLHX? Via Email We may not have a video that shows your specific front master at this time, but the rebuild is virtually the same as what we show in these videos. Hope this helps you. Related Fix My Hog Videos:

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Sportster Clutch Spring, Pressure, Steel, and Friction Plate Removal

Softail Clutch

How do you fix clutch in 1996 Softail? Via Email The repair procedure will depend on what is damaged or what needs to be replaced. You wil ave to open the bike up. Make to to watch all the videos we have on the topic. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Harley Clutch Assembly Upgrade

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Super E Carb

I have an S&S Super E carburetor. I began using your rebuild video following along as I worked on my own carburetor and after watching for a bit I realized that your video was not for a master rebuild kit. The one thing I am struggling with is reinstalling the throttle return springs. Could you

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