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harley wobble

Harley Wobble

Do you know anything about correcting the Harley wobble in my 2012 Road King. Between 90-100 and in a curve, I get a wild wobble. Do you have any tips on this? – Ken I have a 1999 Road King and my bike wobbles. I installed a engine stabilizer on it, motor mounts did not

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Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting | Fix My Hog

Pilot Jet

What size pilot jet should I use and main jet. I have v&h exhaust k&n air filter with SE 203 cams I have a pilot jet 48 in there now with a 175 main jet but when I adjust the air mixture screw it does nothing. It back fires in the carburetor and has a

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Harley overheating

Bottom End

Can I rebuild my bottom end myself? 1989 Heritage Softail. Via Email Well, there is nothing stopping you. However, there are a number of specialty tools that are needed that can add up to a considerable amount of money. If you are serious about this; we would suggest picking up the H.D. service manual for

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Spectro Oil

Drain Plug

I was wondering if you would give me a tip on how to get the drain plug out of a FLSTS 1999 Springer transmission. It’s right in the middle of underneath it or the brace running to the tailpipe can’t hardly get my finger in there. Via Email Try using the box end of a

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Evolution Front Brake Calipers & Pads

Evolution Videos

Thanks for all the great knowledge you share – this is a terrific program. Do you have videos that addresses purely Evolution bikes. I have a 1993 (yes, I have the service manual), but you folks do a school like no other and are still the best around (much better than forums). Via Email Hi

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Harley Rear Axle, Belt Adjustment & Tire Inspection

Rear Axle

Removed rear wheel and can’t get the axle back in when I put on the brake bracket slides in, okay without? Via Email Check out the related videos below, hopefully a visual will help. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check out our Q&A index page to find some answers.

Lowering an XL

I want to lower my 1980 Sportster do to have any ideals. I did lower the shocks already. Via Email We would suggest a Progressive fork spring kit. You can add a 1″ spring (supplied in kit) beneath your damper valve to lower one inch. Related Fix My Hog Videos: Have more questions? Check

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Cobra Fi 2000 PowrPro Tuner (Auto Tuner)

Performance Upgrades

I have made upgrades of Cobra exhaust pipes, Screamin Eagle mufflers ,and air cleaner upgrade. I now need a tuner,but am undecided between Harleys and Cobras. I have heard that Cobras only works after the throttle is opened and not at Idle. I like the idea of the constant tuning of the Cobra, but I

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harley softail belt replacement

Open Belt

Hi there, I have a BDL 3″ open belt dry primary and cant find any troubleshooting information. I have owned the bike for three years and have done nothing to the system as it seems to just fine, I have adjusted it once due to some concern of slipping but I believe it was due

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