Motorcycle Battery Maintenance and Cleaning

Duration: 4:11

Battery maintenance basics: Keep the cables straight and avoid sulfaction.
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8 Responses to “Motorcycle Battery Maintenance and Cleaning”
  1. Roy Morris
    Roy Morris

    Hey guys need ur help.I was tighten up my positive cable on battery of my 1200s sportster(97) model and accidently touched the frame w/my wrench! Spark city! Turn the key and nutten happens! Must have shorted out something but what?? No lights,no start,no nutten! What have I done to my electrical system? Circut breakers “look” ok but whats the problem?? HELP!

  2. Jim Day
    Jim Day

    Why not check and clean the positive terminal while the negative terminal is disconnected? Would be less chance for sparks,

    • FixMyHog

      Hi Jim – We are all about safety. Good call. Do what you feel comfortable with and safe.

  3. Louie

    Hi Bob, Great Video, I find backward’s cables on friends bikes a lot. Please wear safety glasses
    Thanks Louie

  4. George Kneece
    George Kneece

    Would love to learn how to wrench on my own Harley . 2014 Street Glide Special.