Battery Check, Clean and Removal

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Harley battery condition and connections are of utmost importance on your Harley Davidson. Both for correct function and safety, the battery and battery cables need to be inspected at every service interval. The Harley battery on touring models has been located beneath the rear seat since 1993. Prior to that, the battery tray was located towards the front of the right side saddlebag guard assembly.

Access to the positive cable is not possible without, first, removing the top caddy. To do so; start by moving the ECM safely aside along with the purge solenoid and the HFSM security antenna. Only models that have security will have the security antenna. It is the rectangle shaped item toward the front if the caddy. Also, lift and set aside the black and grey connectors at the back left corner of the top caddy.

Now you can use a T-40 torx bit or a 1/2″ socket to remove the two screws that retain the top caddy. Once the hardware is removed, you can push the top caddy forward to disengage it from the front hold-down bracket. Then, lift and remove the caddy.
If your Harley has a security system, it will need to be disarmed before attempting to disconnect the Harley battery cables. Otherwise the alarm will sound which can be extremely annoying.

Remove the left side cover (touring models). With a key FOB present, turn the ignition switch to ON. Now, remove the main fuse. You can now disconnect, first, the ground cable, then the positive cable. Pull up on the battery strap to raise the battery. When the battery is extracted far enough up to get a good grip, grasp the battery and remove it completely from the motorcycle.

You can clean the Harley battery terminals with a solution of baking soda and water or with a soft wire brush. Clean the battery cable ends with a wire brush or with sandpaper.

During battery installation, a small amount of blue Loctite can be used on the battery hardware. The Loctite is very helpful in keeping the cables secure over many miles. Remember to always connect the ground cable last upon re-installation.

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