Harley-Davidson® Charging System

Duration: 3:01

Tech review of the Harley Davidson charging system. Here’s an easy way to make sure your battery is charging. Everyone is at your house and ready to ride. You saddle up and CLICK, your Harley-Davidson does not start. Bob and Mark review an easy way to check your battery and make sure it’s staying charged.
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Dyna Battery Removal and Replacement

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7 Responses to “Harley-Davidson® Charging System”
  1. brian.sj.dowdal

    I have a 02 Harley Buell Blast 500 and I hooked up battery backwards and my wires smoked up white. I quickly switched battery around and connected correctly and again all my wires went up in again in white smoke so I unhooked battery and put on trickle charge. Is my electrical system going to be okay.

  2. Chad Crutcher
    Chad Crutcher

    I have an 08 Electra Glide Ultra Classic and the voltage dropped down while riding and the headlights dimmed. I revved the bike a few times and it came back up and brightened the headlights. No issues starting the bike, tho. What could cause this?

  3. Kristopher Trevino
    Kristopher Trevino

    I have a 2026 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S, the battery went bad 2 weeks after I got it, I replaced the battery and everything seemed fine, then I noticed that If I did not ride or turn on my bike the battery would lose its charge. I did not ride for one day and the bike did not turn on, tested the battery and it was at 20% I put it on a charger, got it up to 50 % and got the bike to start. Kept the charger on and saw that the battery charged right up to a 100% I am wondering what could be causing this? A bad voltage regulator maybe?