Dyna Battery Removal and Replacement

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Dyna Battery replacement is a repair that will inevitably need to be taken care of at some point. It is best when a battery can be replaced as preventative maintenance rather than unexpectedly.
Steve is all set to demonstrate Dyna battery replacement on a 2005 Harley Davidson.

Unlike Twin Cam Softail and Touring models where the battery compartment is underneath the seat; the Dyna battery compartment is fully exposed on the right side of the motorcycle. Some Dyna models store the battery behind two covers. One on the outside and one on the top. Other models will only have a top cover. The Dyna battery top cover is not only decorative, it also helps to secure the battery.

There are two Dyna battery plate bolts that need to be loosened. These bolts do not need to be removed. Steve backs off on the lower bolt and then loosens the upper bolt which allows the battery support plate to drop down slightly. Now the battery cover(s) can be removed.
Now, the battery can be lifted slightly outward allowing access to the positive and negative terminals.

It is very important that the negative battery cable is disconnected first. Once the negative cable is free, it should be covered with electrical tape or pushed into a location where there is no chance of contacting the battery accidentally. Now the positive cable can be safely disconnected and the Dyna battery removed from its location in the battery tray.

Prior to reinstalling a Dyna battery, it is very important to inspect the condition of both battery cables. Inspect both cables at each end. If the cable ends are corroded, they should be cleaned with a scotch pad, sand paper, or a wire brush. Whatever works best without compromising the cables.

If a cable has a crack or has sustained damage, it should be replaced. We recommend quality aftermarket or genuine Harley Davidson replacement cables. It is best to stay away from cheap cables that may inevitably damage your Dyna battery or leave you stranded.

It is important to use blue Loctite on battery cable retaining hardware upon re-installation.
If your motorcycle has a battery tender or any other wires that need to be attached directly to the battery, it is important that the heavy battery cables are installed first so that they are directly against the Dyna battery terminals.

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