How to Check and Fix Vapor Lock on a Harley-Davidson®

Duration: 3:24

Why does it happen? Most fuel systems have a vent in the fuel cap. Let’s review how to check and fix Harley Davidson vapor lock.

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6 Responses to “How to Check and Fix Vapor Lock on a Harley-Davidson®”
  1. Ernest Risiott
    Ernest Risiott

    Good info for the New owners. It also should be pointed out that this problem can effect all mechanical engines that run on fuel, both Bikes & cars. Thanks for the info, once again brilliant presentation & delivery. Would expect nothing less from your crew & fix my Hog! Cheers from down-under!

  2. Chibuike

    ADORE your shorts – i would seilrusoy love to explore your wardrobe and accessory collection, but i think you already know that by now! hehehewhat beautiful para-sailing photos, i took a few when I was in Thailand last Aprilx Lauren


    THANKS!! The best and the only site that explains to me the lack of Power in my 883. I recently bought a new cap and I’ve noticed the vapor release when I opened it. My bad ´cause the cap is one that I bought in that “wish” app

  4. Jim Kippley
    Jim Kippley

    Can’t get fuel to EFI. Had to remove tank and now no fuel. Starts if I put fuel into butterfly.