Custom Handlebars Install

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Duration: 6:09

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There are a number of possibilities when it comes to fitting custom handlebars to the Paughco Springer front forks. A typical, stock look can be obtained with a glide style top tree and dog bone style risers. This assembly sets the risers to a stock Springer 4 1/4″ bolt pattern. In this case Springer style bars must be used so that the knurled sections of the handlebar align with the risers and top clamps.

Another option is to use Paughco’s adapter plate. This plate will will set your handlebar risers at a typical 3 1/2″ spread/pattern. The 3 1/2″ pattern is the common design for every other Harley Davidson model, only excluding Springer. Utilizing this plate opens up endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a style of custom handlebars as you are no longer limited to Springer bars. This adapter plate is great for a rider who is switching to a Paughco Springer but wants to continue using his original handlebars. The plate allows you to make an easy swap.

Possibly, Paughco’s coolest option, is their one piece custom handlebars the “Hollywood Bar”.
This is a combination handlebar and riser/top clamp, all in one. This makes for, not only, excellent fit and function but it also looks amazing! The Paughco front end and handlebars are an excellent addition to our Twin Cam Fatboy. The overall assembly gives us an old school appearance with new school function and performance.

When it comes to choosing handlebars for your Harley Davidson: The stock Harley-Davidson handlebars serve their function fairly well—to comfortably fit the “average” rider and help them safely and securely operate their motorcycle. The problem is, not everyone is the “average” rider with average body dimensions. Some people have longer torsos while others have shorter arms. Some people may not be able leave their arms or hands in the stock riding position for miles on end and may experience dulling pain or numbness after only an hour or two of riding.

This leads us to one of the reasons why there are so many aftermarket custom handlebars available for Harley-Davidsons. That and the fact the majority of the handlebars on most bone-stock Harley-Davidsons are just boring to look at and do very little for the aesthetics of the motorcycle. Style and comfort are two major reasons why Harley owners will change out the bars on their motorcycle. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from when picking out handlebars for your Harley Davidson.