CV Performance Products Review

Duration: 6:04

Bob LaRosa provides us a video review of the CV Performance replacement parts for the Harley Carburetor.

CV Performance helps riders like yourself achieve the full performance potential of your Harley and American V-Twin motorcycle with their quality CVP brand products.

CV Performance manufactures the Original EZ-Just mixture screw, slide needles, jets, the latest design in vortex delivery emulsion tubes, and their complete tuning kits for your Harley-Davidson® CV carburetor. Harley performance upgrades begin with CVP.

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4 Responses to “CV Performance Products Review”

    How do I identify what carb I have on my custom 2001 Softail. It has a Patrick Billet 113 engine. I am experiencing what feels like vapor lock. I have replaced the cap and the problem is still there. I think I have either a vacuum leak or carb problem.

  2. Doug

    My 2000 Fatboy CV carb is loading up. The bike ran great before it sat up for about a year with no fuel in it. Am I likely looking at seal shrinkage or something else?