Harley Front Fender Removal

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In this video Bob and Mark walk us through Harley front fender removal. This procedure will be similar on most Harley-Davidsons. There are a number of reasons you may need to remove your front fender. The most common reasons would be to replace your fork seals, removing your lower sliders to replace with chrome, or a different style lower slider. Another reason for removal would be for paint correction or customization.

Before starting dis-assembly, you always need to figure out your game plan. Think through the dis-assembly and plan the steps you will take to complete the task. Reference your service manual and make sure you have a safe place to set the Harley front fender when it is removed. The two most important things to have are painters tape and a second set of hands. Tape any areas that that are in danger of contacting other surfaces. Remove the mounting hardware and with your second set of hands, carefully remove the fender. Before setting the fender aside, now is the perfect time to practice fender installation. Take some time and re-install the fender. Make sure not to hit any areas that would cause damage.
Set the fender aside on a clean, soft surface. Now the fender can easily be stripped, if necessary.

When you have a game plan, and a second set of hands, Harley front fender removal is easy.

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