Harley Clutch Basket Failure Solution

Duration: 3:31

We love companies like Barnett because they get in front of an OEM problem and solve it fast. Let’s take a look at the Harley clutch basket on Twin Cam models from 2007 and later. The basket can break and / or start to crack. When you are servicing the primary, do thorough visual inspection of the basket for cracks. This will help in avoiding breakage and the related damage that chunks of aluminum can do to other primary components. Get in front of the issue and upgrade your basket.

Barnett also makes the scorpion clutch which has components that are CNC machined from billet aluminum and steel. The clutch is supplied with light, medium and heavy springs to cover everything from street to strip. You can mix the springs, such as 3 light and 3 medium to fine tune the clutch to your needs. You just need to be sure to alternate spring positions for even pressure. Springs can be changed without removing the primary cover, through the derby cover. He rider can use lighter springs for normal street riding, ride to the drag strip, put in heavier springs for racing, switch back to softer springs and ride home. The clutch is designed so that a steel plate installs last to isolate the pressure plate from wear.

Scorpion clutches are available for all Harley Big Twins 1941 and later, and all Sportsters from 1971 and later. Barnett also offers optional lock-up pressure plates for most models, that fit under the stock primary cover, no modifications needed.

As with every Barnett product, they Harley clutch basket replacement is proudly made in the USA!

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